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Numerology/Astrology for 6/9/18


6/9/18 is the number 8. The number 8 brings you to the awareness about how you feel on a deep and personal level. Just because you feel powerful in a perspective does not mean that this position is correct, right, or that it serves a higher purpose. Often the self-righteous need to feel they have the high ground so they feel they have control. But what is the motivating force for your words, position, and action? If your words break down barriers, help others in feeling accepted, dissolve prejudice, and promote a peaceful world then you are on the right path. This number is associated with the North Node which is all about your individual fate and where your destiny is calling you. The call of the North Node is all about your personal learning curve in this life. This is never the easy way but in astrology the easy way never feels fully satisfying. It is discomfort that allows us to grow into our potential. That is why today, feel into the places you feel uncomfortable and then learn the skills necessary to become competent in that area. Once you do, regardless of what others say and do you are no longer reliant on the opinion of others to define you. You will trust the skills and capacity to learn that you have implemented to allow you to find the answers you seek.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Astrology Today

Early today, be careful to not make impulsive and hasty decisions because Mercury and Mars form a minor tense aspect. While haste makes waste now, you might benefit from getting a little riled up about a matter if it motivates you to solve a problem.

There is some confusion about work and what the direction you need to take. You want to progress, but Uranus is mucking it up and there is going to be some challenge that you will need to realign your ideas to get to the goal you want. You may have a door close that you hoped would remain open.

The Moon spends another day in Aries, and you will feel direct and straightforward in your approach. Although you may not be especially sensitive or sympathetic.

A Sun-Venus parallel today promotes harmony and cooperation. Use this energy as you may feel moved to express your deeper affections.

~Suzanne Wagner~






The question we need to ask ourselves is whether
there is any place we can stand in ourselves
where we can look at all that’s happening around
us without freaking out,
where we can be quiet enough to hear our
predicament, and where we can begin to
find ways of acting that are at least
not contributing to further destabilization.

~Ram Dass~






Life is precious.
Life is priceless.
This human life is something rare and extremely special.
How long has it taken you to get to have this unique experience?
How are you honoring it now?
Do you use your ability to help and inspire others to greatness?
Or do you use your power to hurt, threaten, and have power over others?
You get to do what you want with this gift.
But your choices and decisions now …
in this body … will define what your next options are.
You will either continue to expand into the great potential of this evolution
or you will slide backwards into the karmic morass of your own making.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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