July 22, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 7/10/16

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/10/16

7/10/16 is the number 8. Such grief, upset and loss is being felt in the world with all the shootings, upsets, and heightened emotions that are running right now. The inner pain of each individual is flowing outwards into their world in myriad of ways. Some can express that well but most unfortunately do not have the skill set to express those things in a way that others can connect or relate to. Situations such as this blow open the pain and suffering that each individual is feeling and when something that has been suppressed for a long time finally moves it rarely moves appropriately. It usually explodes as a toxic soup that causes more suffering not less. The method with which you can manage to hold and own what you are feeling is dependent upon how much inner work you have done. If you are spewing venom on the social media sites, it is a message that you have more work to do internally. If you are sincerely and open heartedly attempting to connect from compassion and a desire to understand others in order for you to grow and change with the situational tides and are getting attacked, just notice that those others doing the attacking are angry enough that they are out there looking for an excuse to lash out and express their own hurt. They are not truly responding to the situation, they are showing you their pain, what they have suppressed, and where they are wounded in a less than mature fashion. It takes great inner strength to not get injured by the actions and words of others. This is a moment when each of us would be wise to attempt to take the higher road to get to a new goal. That higher road is harder, steeper, and fraught with difficulties. The lower road is chaotic, messy, and dangerous because so many are down there very angry and upset with the situations in which they find themselves. This situation is going to take work and lots of it to find solutions that work for the greater good of all. There are no quick fixes, no short cuts, and no easy answers. This moment requires us to listen first and then take calculated actions that are heart centered. So first grieve and let out your own pain, meditate and get back to your center, then from that place of responsible action move forward. Early today, the Sun forms a sextile with Jupiter, and this transit can stimulate hopefulness, good will, and increased influence. It’s favorable for marketing, publishing, and advertising, as well as any self-promotion activities. You may be especially sociable, tolerant, and generous under this influence. Confidence comes from a stronger sense of who you are and the principles you represent. Some form of recognition or distinction is possible now. You are more able to grasp the “big picture” which expands your perspective. The Moon finishes its transit of Virgo at 4:33 AM EDT, when it enters Libra. The Libra Moon is conciliatory and relationship-oriented. Libra is a Cardinal sign and is action-oriented, so that tonight’s Mercury-Mars trine is particularly welcome. Enthusiasm and energetic communications are likely now. You are productive, alert, aware, and take “busy-ness” in stride. This is good energy for turning ideas into workable projects. Your communications are refreshingly direct and to the point, although not especially sympathetic.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Whenever you have a group that is not in a place of equality with others, over time that will cause resentment and a building up of tension that will eventually get to a boiling over point. Only a society whose laws create true equality and one that creates systems that are willing to constantly change to the shifting requirements of that society will survive. Education that teaches mental discernment and clarity under extreme pressure and stress is essential for a conscious society to continue to grow and evolve past the primal instincts of reaction, anger, and aggression.”
~Suzanne Wagner~



It is frightening to me how much humanity right now is not in control of their emotions and reactions. This is a time when we desperately need calm heads to prevail as history proves again and again that situations such as the last few days can create a boiling over effect and ignite emotions into places of catastrophic proportions. Yes, there is a desperate need for change. That part is correct. We need people in power to react quickly and appropriately to change systems that are not working in ways that allow for greater understanding and equality for all. Where we have been in the past is no longer enough. Where we are is woefully inadequate for the direction we need to create in the future. None of us can turn a blind eye to the suffering of others anymore. But what can we do personally and in the external world to support that evolution?

We need to write letters to Congress. We need to let the politicians know how much they have failed in their designated jobs for Americans. We need to not sit on couches and attack others in the social media, thinking that we are getting something accomplished. I am astonished at how so much of humanity has no humanity when it comes to listening to others and feeling into what they are trying to say (whether they are doing it adequately, clearly, or skillfully…or not).

When you spew negativity and anger and do not listen with a compassionate heart to others, and you project your pent up emotions on someone else you are no different than those out there physical hurting others.

Seriously…words cause great suffering. Words inflame situations just as strongly as someone striking another person physically. You are not guiltless just because your attacks are on social media. You are not solving things when you do it this way…you are still a part of the problem. When did your own person opinion matter more than others? When did you really believe that you have all the answers for others? Who made you right? No individual has all the answers to these complex social problems. That is impossible. We need to come together with calm heads willing to find solutions and open hearts to listening to where someone is hurting. That is the only way these situations can be solved…..together.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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