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Numerology/Astrology for 7/11/17
7/11/17 is the number 10. The more you know yourself the more powerful you can finally become. It is knowledge that is integrated with experience and confidence that gives you that leverage to step up and step into your life. It is also about the type of power you are seeking. Some just want to have power over others. And some want to have power to help others. There is a big difference. Kind of like the difference between a yellow jacket and a honey bee. Remember the choice is always yours. You can be an A**h**e with wings or create sweetness in the life of yourself and others.
The work week begins under an Aquarius moon. This is excellent for sharing higher ideals and working with people who have a different philosophy and perspective than yourself. Just remember that others can be right too, even when there is a paradox between your perspectives. This is one of those easy work weeks where you can just get in your groove and keep going. The Moon is in Aquarius all day, encouraging you to seek out intellectual stimulation and unusual or unconventional experiences. The Aquarius Moon is earnest, friendly, and principled. You are interested in reorganizing your social life with new ideas, and creating progressive change. The Moon’s trine to Jupiter this morning is a very sociable and generous aspect. A parallel between Mercury and Venus today promotes cooperation, diplomacy, and congeniality as well. A sextile between the Moon and Saturn tonight stimulates a need for more order and structure in your life.
~Suzanne Wagner~
The thing about chaos,
is that while it disturbs us,
it too, forces our hearts
to roar in a way we
secretly find magnificent.
~Christopher Poindexter~


I had an epiphany yesterday.
One that broke me into gratitude for myself.
Throughout my life I have been unable to do what others wanted of me and only able to follow my heart and my own intuition.
It has put me in difficult positions with others again and again because humanity essentially wants to belong and have validation for what they believe is true.
Unfortunately most make choices not from their own center and listening deeply to their heart but from trusting another’s words above their own.
I have found that to be an extremely dangerous practice.
One that will create suffering and karma in the dance of blame and shame because if you do not have to take responsibility for your actions then you get to project that failure onto others.
I prefer to stay as present as possible in each and every moment and make my own choices and take actions that align with my path and heart.
Knowing full well that that my path is mine and that it does not necessarily work for anyone else.
Knowing full well that my choice might look to others as if I am invalidating their own path, which I am not.
Knowing full well that in choosing myself and my path over theirs they will feel abandoned, potentially hurt, and then lash out in anger as they attempt to invalidate me in favor of their reality bubble.
In that moment all I know how to do is to come from a deeply heart open place so that there is a softness in the choice and not an aggressive “F**k You” in the energy.
It is funny that when you are finally resigned to your actions and choices some critical piece of information comes in and validates that choice.
But it only comes in once you drop into gratitude for this moment in time in your life and fully accept your choice and the consequences that will follow because of that choice.
When you see the response to your actions as being at one with your highest self and your spiritual calling to awaken, the fear goes away.
I remind each and everyone one of you out there that within you is the wisdom you seek if you will slow down and listen.
When you are disconnected from your own organic flow, path, and truth, you will grasp at anyone, and anything or teaching that pretends to give you the stability and confidence you lack inside.
I understand that listening is difficult.
Sorting out the voices inside the mind and the negative thought viruses that have infected your reality is difficult.
You live in a world of stories that are partially created by information from others (whether true or a projection of their own unresolved issues) and your own assumptions you have made up because of those circumstances in your life.
Just know that they are all stories and you can change them right here and right now.
But you have to be willing to discover what you are hiding from inside first.
Only from a place of wholeness comes clarity.
Thinking another has more wisdom than yourself is a pathway to co-dependency. Not spiritual enlightenment.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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