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Numerology/Astrology for 7/12/18

7/12/18 is the number 3. The number 3 reminds you that the true nature of life itself is optimism and joy. Why else would it choose to exist? Life manifests from the inspiration and creativity of wanting to be a part of this physical world. A deep desire to play in this dimension of density to uncover and discover layers of life and self that are untouched and unexpressed. You have to have a great imagination to manifest the life potential here. You have to want to demonstrate love thought your creative imagination. You have to want to feel the explosion of exuberance come from your core and out into the world. When you want to really live, you are required to be brave. Some are always braver than others, but it is a type of bravery none-the-less. Fully embracing life is about being willing to walk into the unpredictable energy of free form and self-expression. The number 3 is associated with the Empress card in the tarot. She is a nurturer and one that wants to support life and allow for its protected growth in this world. Take a look at what you want to protect and nurture today. Then reach out and give that gift of love and faith in another. Sometimes you just want someone to believe in your potential. And that is often enough to give you the courage to reach beyond your known reality into a new place.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

And so it begins. We begin this unique and very special eclipse cycle. The Solar Eclipse today is the first of three eclipses this summer and this first one is in the sign of Cancer. A solar eclipse brings new beginnings from inner depths rising up to the surface. This one is like the teaser or appetizer in that it is the first Cancer eclipse sine 2011, and it comes back fully force in 2019. What is it you emotionally need at this time and are you practicing the art of self-nurturing. You might be looking at the issues around family, food, health, nutrition, home, real estate, and children. The planet Pluto is in Capricorn, exactly opposing this New Moon, which will add to the intensity and drama. Take a look at where you need to stand in your power. But you will have to let go of anything and anyone that restricts your power at this time. If you saw the recent Time Magazine cover with President Trump (Capricorn = government and law) standing opposite the 6-year old child (Cancer) you will feel into the imbalance that is throwing everyone at this time. Having some level of perspective for the internal desire to find balance in our emotional Cancerian side and our boundary-setting Capricornian side, both in the world and in our personal lives is going to be tested and will become an essential corner stone of what we want to create in this world moving forward. In my world I see, Pluto more like the Archangel Michael. He is here to help cut away that which is no longer useful. He is the protector against demons and helps you remove obstacles that get between you and the Divine. Your fears, self-worth, ego, and more are on Michael’s chopping block. If you use your power based upon your direct connection to that Divine connection you are always more protected. There are many opportunities for emotional healing now. Focus on the things that nurture your soul and spirit and make decisions to have more of them.

The Sun opposing Pluto this morning, makes this a great time to release things that you are still holding onto to that are not supporting your personal power. Expect to feel uncomfortable or the disruptive influences that life loves to throw at you. Such moments do lead to greater self-awareness though. There are still many outside forces reminding you of your need to take charge. Just know that shortcuts for feeling like you have control will not work out as planned. There could be some tricky or buried issues that come up again. Expect others to push against your power and for them to be highly competitive. Do your best to observe without getting into a full-on fight. Yourself and others may feel very much “on the edge”, volatile, and/or defensive. Step back from drama. Let others work out their own emotional issues. You do not need to take on that which is not yours.

There can be quite a bit of inner drama taking place today. Notice if you are feeling that external circumstances are undermining your feeling powerful. You may experience a battle within between light and dark forces. You will see this internal energy manifesting also externally.

Solar Eclipses are often about purging and releasing. Think of this as a way to begin fresh. And your focus should be on domestic issues, family, personal growth, women’s issues, safety, security, food, support, your past/roots/heritage, and healing your emotional past. You need to pay particular attention to your instincts, your deepest needs, and your feelings. It is time to recognize the importance of family and your personal circle of friends. The world is entering into a time where security, a sense of belonging, and finding safety with those of like mind are going to be essential.

~Suzanne Wagner~



I sat with my anger longer enough,
until she told me her name was grief.
~Shantae Peace~


All ritual is in life to teach sacredness.

Moments when there is the potential
for sacred union is the moment when rituals arise.
Even animals show the sacredness
that is the process of choosing a mate, mating,
and the creation of the preparation
of that life to come into being.
Even animals, birds, and other creatures
know that there is something magically
happening when two beings of light
and life decide to join together.
It is in the natural order for there
to be some mark of that sacred agreement.
Such moments are a mystery
that is special and unique
and it needs to be celebrated and expressed.
It seems that humans almost need
to be reminded that all life is sacred
and that the coming together
is always an indication that the divine
is present and a witness
to the co-creative forces of life
~Suzanne Wagner~


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