July 13, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/14/15
Today is the number 20. The world of duality seems very close today and everything seems to be good or bad accordingly. Your ability to handle stress is diminished and you are being asked to step beyond this world into a place of greater spiritual and perceptive awareness. Remaining in the focus of seeing only the good or bad can unbalance your decisions and so it is best to step into the spiritual world to maintain a proper state of balance. When you see a 0 in the numerology, it always magnifies the other number. So recognize you are very susceptible to the negative mind of the number 2 so be aware that you can be extremely emotional during this cycle. Channel it toward love and harmony, spirituality and awareness. The Moon ends its transit of Gemini at 2:14 AM EDT, when it enters Cancer. Early into the day, Venus squares Saturn, and gaining what you want may be challenging, as you may be expecting more than what is possible right now. There can be some emotional distance or defensiveness in relationships. Later today, Mars also forms a challenging aspect with Saturn (Venus and Mars are also moving towards a semi-square), and you can encounter more resistance or deal with your own negativity. Circumstances might seem to block your efforts to assert yourself. Patience is necessary now, although frustration is likely. The Moon is Balsamic today, with the New Moon occurring tomorrow night. There are a number of difficult aspects forming that come exact tomorrow, pointing to some tension today. However, with the Balsamic Moon, winding down instead of up is best.
~Suzanne Wagner~
The sexiest thing a man can do to a woman is crawl inside her head and make her imagination run wild.

~Boudoir Expressions~

I love this quote because for myself it is so true. When a woman truly trust a man and she lets him in completely there are ways that he can penetrate her on all levels. Unfortunately some men think penetration means only one thing but to a woman there are a million varieties through which he can poke, tease, and cause her mind to run wild. Women can live in the illusions very easily but when a man knows what she likes and what opens her to joy he can find a million ways to make her happy. So for all you men out there, get creative, surprise your woman with things that make her go wild with laughter, playfulness and teasing, or make her come from a place of anticipation of a surprise. Find ways to constantly astonish her with your depth and caring. And ladies, stay open when you man is trying. Learn to step out of seriousness and into deeper connection when your man has something up his sleeve. Learn to say, “Yes” and see what might happen. You might just have a wonderful time.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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