July 16, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 7/17/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/17/17
7/17/17 is the number 7. Your awareness becomes clear that there is a tearing down of systems without those in power having any plan what-so-ever to manage the chaos they are creating because they have no systems to replace those patterns. That is a dangerous place to be standing because what governments in their arrogance believe is that they are special and not a part of the society. They are about to get some big lessons in what is the reality not the “protected” ego fantasy that they have been living in. Patterns that support and bring balance and hope are always in alignment with the greater good. But governments that tear down systems and harm those that need it the most are always ultimately doomed in their greed and ignorance.
By Monday evening, Mars squares Uranus, a difficult combination for evening rush hour traffic. This is an impatient combination that would rather change the world through gun fire than being in the natural flow of the universe. A better use of this conflicting energy would be to take action to revolutionize your life and give yourself more freedom. Remember that you must also have the patience to allow for peaceful transitions with others. The Moon leaves Aries early today, at 1:05 AM EDT, after which it transits Taurus. This morning’s square between Venus and Neptune may stimulate infatuations, fantasies, and dreams of people or things, but also a tendency to be unrealistic enough to let ourselves and others down, believing that things don’t really matter when they do. Ups and downs are possible now on a social level. Know that today your perceptions of the value of people in your life, business affairs, or personal possessions can be off. Later today, Mars in Cancer forms a square to Uranus in Aries, and you can be feeling a little stir crazy. Inner tension begs for release now. You have had a greater interest in home, family, and close relationships, but your need for independence and freedom surfaces in a big way. You may be too quick to act on immediate desires or to rebel if you feel at all confined or restrained. There may be changes in schedules or circumstances that challenge you to change your goals or adjust your actions.
~Suzanne Wagner~
One day humanity
will recognize that the lack of balance
causes suffering.

One day humanity
will see that what and who they hate
is who they are, deep down on the inside.
One day humanity
will own that all this arguing and war
is a waste of precious energy and life.
One day humanity
will know that acceptance and love
is the only way to find peace.

~Suzanne Wagner~


If a culture cannot agree on the problem
it is difficult to find a solution.
~Suzanne Wagner~


When a person grasps at an illusion relentlessly,
suffering is the only outcome.
~Suzanne Wagner~
War does not start in one big moment.
War builds its weapons slowly with words and lies,
fear and illusion, and tapping into the discontent
of the uneducated and ignorant.
~Suzanne Wagner~
If you pay attention .. you can hear the storm coming.
If you stay awake …you can see when a society begins to collapse.
If you care at all …. you cannot be silent.
If you heart is stone ….. you will do nothing.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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