July 18, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 7/19/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/19/15
Today is the number 7. It is all about the structure that is necessary for the highest good in your life right now. Timing is everything and everything today is supporting the emergence of a new pattern that will allow your life to open. The Moon is in earthy, discriminating Virgo all day, and your basic instinct is to organize and re-organize. You instinctually gravitate towards practical activities under the influence of a Virgo Moon. You will feel more inclined to pull up your sleeves and get down to work. You crave organization and practicality and this will magnify with the number 7 being here today. You may want to get things accomplished. Being useful satisfies a deep need. This morning, Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, forms a trine with Chiron, making it a strong time for opening up communications with others, as you are more sensitive and attentive than usual. Getting your point across is easier, as it’s not only about which words you choose to communicate, you intuitively express the meaning and intention behind the words. You can effectively use words to heal and comfort. You are also quite open to new ways of looking at problems or at life in general.
~Suzanne Wagner~
The secret to happiness and peace is letting every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be, and making the best of it.


Once again, this weekend I have learned the gifts in that art of acceptance. Acceptance comes when you know yourself and your authenticity can just flow unguarded and unfettered by the mind’s beliefs about how things should go. I had a house full of people for my husbands 60th birthday and it was a dance to navigate a full house, all the meals, and the dynamic excitement and interaction. I realized that I have come a long way because my ease and flow allowed all the other women to find their flow and we worked together in a dance of chaotic creative feminine expression. Planned meals turned into masterpieces and feasts. Communication turned into deep authentic sharing and treasured connections being found, re-connected, and experienced. It was an elegant movement of alignment and the honoring of each woman’s gifts and expertise. Instead of the weekend being difficult it was a joy and a blessing in each moment. How can you have 3 days of perfection? Just step into your authentic flow. Allow others to do the same and watch miracles unfold.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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