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Numerology/Astrology for 7/19/17
7/19/17 is the number 9. You are never complete. There is always something more to learn and grow from. Life is an ever-changing kaleidoscope of options and opportunities. Look at how many perceptual bubbles you could spend lifetimes exploring and how many you have possibly already done. Do you really think that you could have gotten to this position as a human being with all of its complexity and mental understanding of what creates this world without being part of those unique things? I believe that in the shamanic tradition you have certain power animals because that is what you have been in other lifetimes. You connect with those energies because they are familiar to you. And you can relate to them on a cellular level. A shaman works to have access to all the wisdom of all the animals, plants, creepy-crawlies, wind, nature patterns etc. That is how you become whole. When you can connect to everything and can see through the eyes of that element of life experience, you change. Judgment goes away and the world becomes different. As you choose wholeness there is a calm peaceful place you discover that you can stand that is objective and clear. Everything becomes one and you are a part of that whole. A significant essential piece in the cosmic wheel of life. Not more important than another and not less. Simply one piece in a magnificent tapestry of life.
~Suzanne Wagner~
I have no intention of becoming a leader or teacher.
I am a seeker.
An independent, open, journeyman
on a path of my own creation
to discover the unknown parts of myself
and bring my total being into full presence
in this dimension and time.
I am here to stretch beyond my mind,
become an awakened dream,
and to touch others to inspire them
to find their own path.
I am not the keeper of a path or a tradition.
I am my own unique blend
of experienced philosophies,
compassionate expression,
artistic musical manifestation
of the magic that is given to each individual
when they are brave enough to step off the paths
of the old ways and into the conscious unfolding
of integrity, love, and truth.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Today, I feel deeply grateful for my life. Deeply grateful for my intuition that has repeatedly prevented me from making decisions and choices that could have caused me more karmic suffering rather than less. I am grateful (even more) that I listened to those choices and learned what my ego sounded like compared to my intuitive self. So many have access to their intuition but then choose to not listen or they choose to invalidate that information because it does not align with the prejudices of the present level of perception. This last year has been such a fabulous lesson is knowing and following that inner prompting over the “herd” mentality and external pressures that have been pushed out from the “dark forces” in the world. I am grateful that my whole life I have felt different and never really felt like I “belonged” in the classic sense of the word. I have felt connected to the earth and all its creatures. I have loved the consciousness that is in all of life. I have listened to the conversations of birds and animals. I have sung songs to the wind and listened as the wind and trees sung back to me. I have asked the river and the ocean for its counsel. And I have given back with a compassionate heart to the needs and promptings of life when I have been awake enough to hear the calls.
We are in a time on earth that the opinions of others no longer matter. What matters is what your heart calls you to do. What matters is having access to your own intuitive knowing. What matters is to notice if the choices and actions you take add suffering in this world or add love and compassion in this world. Every choice and belief you hold is contributing to the cosmic whole or detracting from the magnificence of this place. When you make choices that add to the suffering of others, the consequences of your actions are nothing that you would wish on another human being. As a human being you are here to support life and assist in those lives. You are here to be the compassionate connection to the suffering of others. If you cannot do that, you will be allowed to go back down into the lower animal realms to re-experience the suffering you gave to others. The suffering you cause in this life will be your experience in the next incarnation. Do you really want to go there?
Once again, I am eternally grateful to my guides and angels, those living and on the other side that have given me so much wisdom and clarity, so much compassion and understanding, and so much love to share with others.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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