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Numerology/Astrology for 7/20/18

7/20/18 is the number 2. The number 2 is about the discernment of the mind and the quality of the mind that is unwilling to believe what others want it to believe. This is the number of questioning and seeking answers for yourself. It is the number of knowledge and the desire to understand complex issues in a rational way. Under the number 2, faith holds no water. You cannot blindly believe what people in power want you to believe you have to do the work to organize the information in a way that reveals the masters of manipulation that wish to control the minds, hearts, and actions of humanity. That is why freedom is so important. That is why certain rules are essential for maintaining a healthy civilization. You have the power of clarity if you look beyond your person preferences and are willing to include all the information. Truth is often difficult to swallow. Truth often is painful to own. Truth is a harsh mirror that shows you your own mental trap that has imprisoned you for a long time.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon spends the day in Scorpio, deepening you even further. And while you may not want to go deeper there are moments when you are not given a chance to decide but you are pulled into those places you have been avoiding or have buried. The Moon also forms a square to a retrograding Mars this morning, stirring up the bottom of your deepest and darkest buried frustrations. My joke for myself right now is that I can run but I cannot hide from what I have been feeling for a long while. Now each of you have to find a way to communicate that in a format that allows for supportive growth but also not using kindness as a pass for behavior that is no longer acceptable. Fortunately the Moon harmonizes with Venus and aligns with Jupiter tonight, supporting the warming intentions of the heart, promoting more cooperation, and allowing goodwill to come forward.

Retrograde Mars aligns with the South Node of the Moon this morning. So just know that you may be cycling back to a problem or situation that first emerged in early June. You need to pay attention to stubbornly holding onto things that no longer supports your growth.

The Moon-Jupiter alignment tonight also has the effect of magnifying your feelings and attachments. You may notice that you are becoming more comfortable with what you are feeling and that you care much less about what others think. There is a type of righteous indignation that is surfacing around things that are so obviously off and you will no longer be silent or placating to those who are clearly in delusion and unwilling to awaken. You just no longer have the time or energy to put out towards those that will not open their eyes and will not see the reality presenting.

A Mercury-Uranus parallel today promotes exciting ideas. You could care less about recycling old ideas. You are keenly aware that the past is no place to go or even attempt to want to aim for because you recognize that those old standards are woefully inadequate and not able to make any real positive impact in this world. In a way you are throwing the baby out with the bathwater (using an old metaphor). You know now that the only way is to embrace new concepts and stretch into a place more inclusive and less alienating. Any routine will feel stifling today.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Man’s main concern is to not gain pleasure
or to avoid pain but rather
to see a meaning in his life.

~Viktor Frankl~

A Man’s Search for Meaning


There is a place where you can stand
Awake and observing of what is happening in your world.
But knowing that it means actually nothing.
Once you have the awareness
that none of this really matters,
You find a freedom of self and movement.
Once you recognize that this world
is ruled and controlled by forces
so strong and beyond your wildest imagination,
you can let go and enjoy the process and the journey.
That is because governments do not rule this world.
People do not rule this world.
Their egoic arrogance needs
to believe that they are all powerful.
But later in time, no one
will remember theirs or your name.
So what will remain are the lessons
that you learned in your journey and process.
Those lessons become foundation stones
of your growth and development.
You are learning the building blocks
of creation and manifestation
and this world is the canvas and colors
that you have been given to conjure upon.
But you are in a bubble of that canvas
and if you ruin your weaving,
you will not be given one quickly again just to ruin.
That is until you learn some lessons.
So backwards you will go to learn
or re-learn certain critical behaviors.
So perhaps at a much later date
you will understand the huge responsibility
you have been given and honor that
with compassion and kindness
rather that hate and ostracism.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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