July 20, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/21/15
Today is the number 9. The energy becomes a wave of fulfilled flow, intuition is strong, and you are in alignment with what is true for you in a more organic and authentic way. This morning, the Sun forms a trine with Saturn. You will feel more grounded and stable under this influence, making it a good time to lean out the areas of life where you have been excessive or have too much going on. It is finally easy to stick to a specific task and make headway. Productivity may be slow, but it’s steady. You have common sense at your disposal. You are willing to look reality in the eye and to take responsibility for your life. This can be a time of humbling yourself to good advice or to tried and true methods. The Moon continues its transit of Virgo until 9:24 AM EDT, harmonizing with the Sun and Saturn before entering Libra. The Moon in Libra brings your attention to relationships, balance, and harmony.
~Suzanne Wagner~
Freedom is not about the size of your cage or power of your wings or non-attachment to a person or a thing. Freedom is about being so truly, madly and deeply attached to your own soul that you can’t bear- if only for a moment- a life that doesn’t honor it.

~Andrea Balt~

Knowing what is true for you, your soul, your growth, and your evolution is essential for not getting thrown off you own path. When we love others we want to follow them and then there are moments when what is truly essential for your growth is to leap into uncharted territory that you would not as easily do alone. Sometimes others experience can allow us to have more courage. But there are even more moments when your love for another can distract you off your own level of growth that is necessary for you to unravel critical kinks and patterns that allow you to stay stuck in huge ways. There are some levels of stuckness that you must feel the compression to the point of choice and change. We can only grow some much because of another. The most essential growth must occur from your willingness and commitment to change.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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