July 23, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 7/24/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/24/16

7/24/16 is the number 4. It all about what brings balance back into your life. Now, there is so much happening out there that is attempting to make you afraid, react, and not think clearly as there are those out there who are pushing all the dark emotions and energies that are present and magnifying them out of proportion so that you make choices based on who feeds your fear and then pretends to have the answers. The answers to the very complex questions that are happening in life right now do not have easy solutions. One idea or one person cannot possibly have all the answers. Not even an enlightened guru would pretend to make such claims. So the energy right now is forcing each of us to awaken to the “real” world reality and to not attempt to placate your fear with illusions, as that will only make things worse. Choice needs to come from being informed, educated, and not from your slants and prejudices. It requires you to be in balance and to know yourself and to know that balance is not achieved by rushing into extreme positions. The Moon continues its transit of Pisces until 8:34 AM EDT when it enters Aries. The Moon in Pisces is very emotional and makes people very reactive. So pay attention to the intense qualities that want to come out your mouth. A Sun-Moon trine occurs midday which will help balance this out a bit as it is courageous, cooperative, bold, and fluent. Venus forms a quincunx with Pluto, and there can be a tendency to second-guess feelings, relationships, and even things you might want to buy. This is a time to adjust and re-assess things in your close personal relationships. Fears and jealousy can emerge, seemingly out of nowhere, and this can push you to see your personal blind spots.
~Suzanne Wagner~


And she wanted to be magic; to wave a wand and stop the pain of those hurting. To bring a smile to those who were sad; to give hope to those who felt hopeless; but that she was simply a poet; and words were the only magic she had….
~ Darrielle Cresswell ~


The illusion right now is so strong, that reason and politeness has no impact on situations at the moment. Must we be reduced to our most primal and basic instincts that cause chaos and reduce us backwards to our less than enlightened self in order to show once again, that anger and hatred do not serve the potential that is humanity? I wish deep exploration and understanding of history was required in school. I am not talking about teaching the fact and figures but teaching the emotional issues and reactive patterns that have caused conflict after conflict to break apart great societies and instead of bringing positive change have collapsed some of the greatest, most inventive, and most enlightened cultures the world has ever known. Each of you will either contribute to the growth of a greater and more inclusive culture in the world or one that will tear the world apart …… again. What will you choose?
~Suzanne Wagner~

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