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Numerology/Astrology for 7/26/21

7/26/21 is the number = 20

Add the 7 + 2 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 20. Or 2 + 0 = 20.

The Number 2 asks us to look both ways before proceeding. We have to learn to pay attention to all things, not just the things that are most obvious. More insight comes from looking more closely. Sometimes that means to look between the lines. Sometimes that means observing things surrounding an event, not just the event itself.
I like to remember that minds (the number 2) are necessary in navigating the complex world in which we live.
We need discernment so we can evaluate what is dangerous and what is not.
And it is important to remember that minds compare and judge. That is what they are designed to do. We prefer to know before we go.
There are moments when we have to look past the obvious and into the deeper meanings that lurk in the shadows.

And all of us have things we want to forget. But somewhere within, lurk those things that we wanted to not remember. Those things might be the key to unlocking certain behaviors and actions. Let this Number 2 day help with that discernment and reveal what is perhaps less than obvious.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in deep, sensitive, and feeling Pisces all day. It is perfect for finding time to be with yourself and share with those that you can explore the fascinating patterns of our emotional journey.

Naps are favored and reading that book you have been wanting to finish are in alignment. We can often discover things that will help make sense of our past. I love how something I am reading directly relates to something I have been seeking an answer too. Let that synchronicity unfold and envelope you with new awareness.

There is a minor square between Mars and Chiron. It can make small things difficult and our confidence in question.

Mercury and Uranus will quintile. Let it help you handle technical things in more creative ways.

The end result of all this is feeling refreshed by getting a new perspective and seeing some outcomes for all our actions over the past few months.

~Suzanne Wagner~


It takes time to find what is important in life.
It takes skill to teach us patience and trust in ourselves.
Skill requires us to repeat and try again.
Skill requires focus and mental fortitude.
Skill requires body memory to take over in any situation.
Skill is that confidence when certain actions are necessary.
Skills have been repeated tens of thousands of times.
That is how we develop mastery over particular elements of life.
It is impossible to have all the skills needed in one lifetime.

I believe that is why we have multiple lifetimes.
Over time we learn to add skills and techniques and those abilities follow us through time and space.
Until eventually, we can show this world and reality, the beauty and finesse, of this journey of embodied presence of our many lives.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I had teachers that trained by pushing the body beyond what I believed was my own capacity. They would make me do something again and again until I would collapse on the floor. And I would wonder how I got on the floor because my mind was determined to keep going even as my body was collapsing underneath me.

I understood that if I could do something 20 times in the studio, I could manage to do that performance once with ease and grace.

While ballet itself was the taskmaster, the teachers had various ways to motivate a dancer to jump higher, try harder, move faster etc.
The “old school” methods were tough, firm, and unyielding. Ballet was like a bootcamp for artists.

It required a type of regimented self-discipline.

Being on time was essential. Being late got you instantly fired. Some types of mistakes were not tolerated … ever.

I lived in a world where everyone was always on time and early. You never wanted to start a ballet class without being warmed up and ready to go.
It was one of the things that shocked me in leaving the dance world and going into the real world, how so many were always running late, leaving early, or just being lazy and not being accountable or in integrity.

You cannot be late for a performance where thousands of people are showing up and paying lots of money.
It is just not done. It was never an option.
I have wandered the hallways, studios, and theaters of those before me that were great, famous, and remembered. Their legacy and energy linger in those halls and would inspire me to be even better.

I marvel at the dancers now that can do such amazing things.
In my day, certain skills were not seen. Possibly because the toe shoes have greatly improved over the years. But I think it is more about actually seeing something that someone can do right in front of you. Once one person manifests a skill in a performance, then everyone knows it is possible and we all start reaching for that next level.

That is why such amazing skills have been exploding in so many fields of art and sports.

Watching the Olympics is a way to appreciate this tremendous effort and skill that these Olympians have trained so hard for and continue to reach beyond the known physical realms of limitation.

Celebrate their effort and skill. Become enthralled with the beauty and the heart that such events require. Feel into them as they strive to win and arrive at their goals and dreams. We can learn by observing and feeling into them as they reach for this very special and elusive goal.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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