July 26, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 7/27/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/27/17
7/27/17 is the number 8. The infinity symbol asks you to look at the energies that you are co-creating that are going to define your soul in this life and beyond. Are the things you are doing supporting the infinite expansion of your highest self or are you creating things that hold you in the density and dysfunction that can dog you for times beyond this moment. Always reach to your highest self and hold all that you know to their highest potential and standard. When you allow others to slide and not show up fully you are also letting yourself slide in some way. Reaching to be your best takes energy, effort, intention, and awareness. It is not easy. Being lazy and expecting others to do everything for you will never give you the satisfaction or the skills that you need as you evolve forward. Just think…If you exist for infinity, do you really want to stay in this particular configuration? Wouldn’t it be boring after a time. Reach beyond the comfort and into the unknown. Let your evolution be a rocket launching not a snail moving along the ground.
Wednesday is action packed as the Sun aligns with high energy Mars. Do something physical on the 26th to use this energy in a positive way. The Moon continues its transit of Virgo until 11:38 AM EDT when the Moon enters Libra. The Moon’s transit of Libra is conciliatory and relationship-focused. You are seeking out balance and weighing options. This evening, the Moon forms a sextile with Mars and the Sun in Leo, picking up and complementing the energies of the separating conjunction of these bodies. You are open to change and looking for opportunities to initiate and advance. You find it easy and natural to express feelings through satisfying channels and activities. You will find that you are exceptionally resourceful now, as well as affectionate and expressive in relationships, as you are willing to take the initiative.
~Suzanne Wagner~
What is the sound your energy makes as it moves through time and space?
When you are in perfect alignment with your core, are you a symphony of inspiration?
Or a cacophony of discordant thoughts and actions?
When you feel into your core do you recognize this music?
Or are you attempting to play someone else’s tune?
~Suzanne Wagner~


Be a free bird flying in the sky.
Be a unique flower shining in the sun.
Be a soul whose light is so bright
That others are drawn to your wisdom.
Unusual and different is what sparks creative potential.
Being just like others demonstrates a lack of confidence and inner knowing.
Discover the flavors and varieties that you hold inside.
Inspire others with your willingness and open heart.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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