July 26, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 7/27/18 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/27/18

7/27/18 is the number 9. Completion is always neutral. Completion always comes back (full circle) to love. Completion requires you to let go of your position and forgive in order for yourself to be free. Humans are very good and screwing things up. Humans are not perfect even when we try to be perfect. It is in our nature to learn from mistakes. Energy is about motive. Meaning that energy will do what our thoughts, heart, and core intend for it to do. Take a look at your inner motivations and discover where you can use your energy for the greater good. When your mission or purpose aligns with the highest principals of Universal Love and compassion then the full force of that matrix will attempt to flood through you. Then you become a part of that greater oneness and reflect to the world the truths and care that is what we came to embody.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

A Venus-Mars challenge this morning makes your appetites strong and your desires huge. For some, competition can lead to tension in your relationships, but it can also be stimulating. Impatience can get stirred up by this aspect. And there is aggravation because of a Moon-Mars alignment and the emotional intensity of today’s eclipse.

The Lunar Eclipse occurs in the afternoon here, so we won’t see it but you for sure might feel it. It is in the sign of Aquarius, the sign of freedom and rebellion. Because your emotions are heightened new epiphanies and urges can take over and propel you into action. Just be aware how highly charged the atmosphere is all around you. Know that objectivity is not easily available. This eclipse aligns with retrograde Mars. Therefore you should watch for decisions and actions that want to be highly reactive. And don’t let it out of your mouth. Pay close attention to what’s illuminated at this time. Eclipses are good at revealing things that have been hidden in the shadows. It is especially revealing because of the full Moon and the Sun and Mars in opposition to one another. With this energy you should open up to possibilities, but finalizing plans needs to be saved for another day. This one is a bit complicated because the emotional energy of the Moon is aligned with aggressive gumption and drive of Mars (even though it is now moving retrograde). And the ever communicative and mental Mercury just started his retrograde cycle until August 18 in Leo, straining the positions of power even further than you believed possible. Do your best to follow the directions of your heart and notice what makes you feel more engaged. There are many places in your life you are just going through complex emotions. Now is the perfect time for making a behind-the-scenes plan to realign your life so you are doing more of what opens your heart and nurtures your spirit. Those things that no longer hold value for you are going to be going away. You cannot hold onto everything in life. Some tools that were needed are clearly now, no longer needed. It is time to put some things down that do not serve this next evolution of who you came to be.  Some of you will reconnect with old friends, groups or organizations. Just know that this may be a temporary connection because you are reviewing who and what still fits into your present life. This is a time to review and bring renewal to what you value, your friends and look towards the activities that serve you into opening up. Take a look at your path and decide who or what is compatible with the direction that seems to pull you forward.

This eclipse forms a square to Uranus, and there can be a sense of surprise, shock, or frustration involved with your emotional discoveries. Indeed, there can be a strong urge—or need—to break free from old patterns, and the temptation may be to take a stand on an issue or to force a conversation. This eclipse will probably bring up quite a bit of unrest, resentment, and buried frustrations. Do your best to not antagonize others.

A Venus-Pluto trine occurs now and has more power than usual since it’s imprinted into the eclipse. This influence can lead to insights (both good and bad) regarding your relationships and/or finances. You can feel quite passionate and focused on a person or situation. Try to not obsess. That need to share on those deeper levels of intimacy is strong now. Done correctly, this day holds the potential of spiritual regeneration through love. This eclipse makes you confront old emotions and do something to change the pattern into a place of growth.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Knowledge is only rumor until it lives in the bones.
~Brene Brown~


Books can teach knowledge.
But teachers help the student
learn critical thinking.
Wisdom is not learned.
It is earned.
Knowledge learned alone
allows the ego the mold
that information into
the reflections
and projections
of one’s own mind.
That sometimes cultivates
a bigger block
toward true wisdom.
From that place
incorrect assumptions
continue to thrive
because they are not questioned
by someone who is wiser and more aware.
That is why learning that has the potential
to teach beyond the present cognitive levels
always requires a teacher to help you step
into those places to which you are
unaware of within your own psyche.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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