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Numerology/Astrology for 7/28/20

7/28/20 is the number 3.
If you add the 7 + 2 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 21.
2 + 1 = 3.

Where is the heart and soul that is the hope that this country was founded upon? I believe it is there. I believe that we can reclaim what appears to be lost. The number 3 is about staying positive in the face of hate and dysfunction. There are moments when you realize that no one can take away your faith and hope for the evolution of humanity. But you also must deal with the raging dysfunction that also colors so many minds and hearts with confusion that is intended to inflame the darkest side of mankind’s inability to gracefully change. We are changing. The question is, “What are we changing into?”

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon intensifies all the emotional drama as it transits Scorpio. Feelings are coming up from the bowels of our most suppressed selves. It is a great moment to dive into those unresolved emotions and finally heal them. But some people may lash out with them as a weapon and intend to cause suffering. Never a good choice in the long run. Immediate gratification by getting those feelings out of you and sliming other is never really productive. And what you slime others with will also slime you with a slap of Karma that will follow you around for much longer than if you just looked deeper into what you are feeling and simply as the question, “Why?” What we feel is usually covering up things like fear, insecurity, wounding, and grief. We look for someone to blame. But first we have to look at the stories we tell ourself and decide if they are true or a cleaver cover-up to make us feel better.
A friendly connection between Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune gives you the ability to have more empathy. Something that is much needed right now. You have to trust your deepest self. What all of us are navigating is unprecedented and none of us have clear reference points for what are the best choices in such chaos.
Mercury and Mars will clash with the asteroid Pallas. And this will bring a type of mental confusion that makes things feel as if they are going to breakdown and shatter the remaining illusions of our personal greatness. Know that your plans are going to have to alter even more and I know you have done a lot of shifting already. It will temporarily take the wind out of your sails and make you want to stop and rethink almost every choice over the last few months. You cannot push so wait for a clear signal from the universe or know to go slow, as you do not have the necessary information that allows for a feeling of certainty.

~Suzanne Wagner~


You can smell the decay
from far, far away.
The stench creeps in
like a rotting pigskin.
It is the rot of hate and fear.
It is the smell of those insincere.
You cannot run nor can you hide,
From the freedoms that have long since died.
What will you do when the death and decay
Take us on the path to a doomsday?
You cannot escape when they take your peace.
You cannot run from hate that will not cease.
From that point on how will you explain
To your children that are now shackled in chain.
Will you let this happen? Will you stand and fight?
Will you let this government control you with spite?
Will you stand for each and every one?
Will you let them take everything, till you have none?
Stand and fight
for what is right.
Stand for truth
and our countries youth.
Stand for freedoms that have been taken away.
And perhaps someday the hate and dismay.
Will turn around and come back to peace.
And there will be no need for secret police.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Do you have a secret that eats at you?
Do you hold hate as the glue?

That keeps you stuck defending the lie?
That holds you tight pretending to be an ally?
I believe that hate destroys all it creates.
It is a date with a Devil, that frustrates.
It robs you of light. It robs you of love.
It holds you in density instead of flying above.
You have the power to break free of hates grasp.
It is a deadly bite from toxic asp.
The poison creeps in and takes away your life.
It exhausts your soul with endless strife.
Take back your life. Take back your control.
Otherwise your life energy will be used to bankroll
A government of hate. A government of greed.
Those that have only the intention to make you bleed.
I choose to use my life force for a greater good.
Not for evil hidden behind a bloody hood.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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