July 28, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 7/29/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 7/29/16

7/29/16 is the number 9. Finally there can be an end to a matter that has been lingering for quite some time. It takes time for things to move through this world as everyone has their own perceptual bubbles that they live in and they believe that their bubble is also yours, which is never the case. Each of us lives in a world of our own karmic creation and the big mistake that many make is that we believe that we are right and everyone should be in agreement with us. That is never the case and will never be the case. When you step out of trying to fit everyone in your reality and learn that the possibilities and potential dimensional realities out there are limitless, then you learn to open to the infinite and stop limiting yourself and your world. This day can be a completion for you in some way. Perhaps it is opening a doorway to a new you. Perhaps you are finally understanding and letting go of what you think you want for what actually is right in front of you. Expectation is the root of so much pain. Learn to live in the moment. Accept what is offered and appreciate what you have. Early in the day, the Sun forms a semi-square with Jupiter. You may feel vague restlessness and discontent with life as it is. There is a tendency towards overestimation, wastefulness, and exaggeration. Your elevated mood may be an unstable one if you are not considering the most basic and realistic factors. Uranus turns retrograde today, and will remain so until December 29th. During this cycle, your desire to make changes in your life can be turned inward as you get in touch with what it is that is holding you back from living more spontaneously and authentically. You may be less obviously rebellious, and more inclined to follow the rules or toe the line, especially after Saturn turns direct August 13th, which will serve to highlight a more conservative approach to pursuing your goals. On the surface you may tend to follow the rules but underneath there is a fire burning for change. Today, Uranian energy is going to make things in your life more challenging and you can experience some tension as you try to navigate the flows in your life differently. This theme is reinforced with a Mercury-Mars square that can stimulate impatience, hastiness, and disagreements. You may be competing for the floor when it comes to expressing important ideas, thoughts, and opinions that seem profound and essential in your life. This makes it difficult to engage in healthy dialogue. Mental agitation seems to dominate your mind as you seek answers that are hard to find. You may stir up controversy with things you feel compelled to say. The Moon is in curious, lively Gemini all day.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“A society is cursed
when it no longer
has compassion
for those outside
its established acceptable norm.”
~ Suzanne Wagner ~


Education is essential for growth on all levels. It is knowledge that allows us to step beyond the confines of our known reality. There is value in all perspectives and all realities. Learning to flow between the realities of others is important for your spiritual development and to becoming an influence in a greater sphere and global reality. With limited selfish perspectives you cannot be a global leader. This world has become so interconnected only those who are willing to entertain all ideas can actually help civilization mature and grow beyond the chaotic, warlike patterns that have repeatedly caused so much destruction.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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