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Numerology/Astrology for 7/29/20

7/29/20 is the number 4.
If you add the 7 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 22.
2 + 2 = 4.

The number 2 is the number of negative and critical mind. When you double that negativity (2 + 2 = 4) it pushes things to an extreme and just like a pendulum … that extreme position will force the energy to come back to a balance eventually. It is that eventually that is the bigger question. I am shocked and horrified at the terrible events happening in our world and the fact that those things (in the past) would have set something in motion that would have instantly stopped the forward progression of these dangerous and destructive events. But now they don’t. So the negativity keeps moving forward at a speed that I honesty never believed that I would witness in this country …. ever. That tells me that something terrible is coming to balance out all this hatred and negativity. That seems to be the only way to rein in this rampant destructive emotional progression. I pray for sane minds to rise up and stop this insanity. But we are all still waiting. Find your own center because this world is tilted out of balance. You must find a way to maintain your own balance regardless of what the rest of the world is doing.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon moves into Sagittarius very early in the morning. We look towards another possibility. A spontaneous expression of truth that can override the global dysfunction. We want to learn new things and we are hungry for a taste of anything other than this fear and hate that we are being force-fed.
When you combine the fiery Moon with the Leo Sun it gives an energy and attitude that wants to make a change. Use this energy to have confidence and to move enthusiastically forward in some way.
Mercury is moving into an opposition to Jupiter. It will be exact tomorrow. You want to get going on an idea and plan. You may tend towards exaggeration. But when you do that you risk missing out on something important.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Life is a dance of opposites.
What you have done in your past
must be transformed into its opposite
and integrated into a position where
you have access to the wisdom and
wounding of both so you can develop
clarity and discernment.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I love astrology for the insights it can give you to make sense out of some of the experiences that you have had in this life. I always notice that the validation comes when I have been willing to accept the insights of my own experience and then want to understand it on a deeper level.
There is that phrase, “When the student is ready … The teacher appears.”

For me the teacher is also insight or a piece of information given at a critical and most interesting time.

I have had so many amazing psychics tell me very truthful information but then spent the next 20 plus years learning the many configurations that my psyche had created in order to unwind, heal, and learn around that information.
The more I have learned the more interconnected it all is. There are no accidents or mistakes.
You have not done things wrong.
You did things in order to learn critical lessons that could not be learned any other way. Pain and suffering is a great motivator to finally decide to dive deep within to discover those hidden places of awareness that you have avoided, shunned, and judged.

I am always amazed at how we become that which we judge. We are what we project onto others. We see hate in others but cannot see the hate within us that is spewing unconscious venom out into the world through our superiority. We cannot see what has been disowned within us. But we see that disowned self, projected onto others. We judge others and then become that which we are sure we are not. We are so blinded by this density and the complexity of emotional suffering here in this world that we are running and rushing around in the confusion caused by this density, wreaking havoc in the world and adding to the problems and not offering up solutions. We are the cause of so much suffering in others that we do not see in our arrogance, insecurity, busyness, and self-importance.
I bring this up because of the intensity of this moment in history. Terrible things are coming because of our inability to see our own shadow.

Many years ago I was working with an amazing group of men and women that wanted to become professional psychics. They were skilled and committed. They had talent but what everyone lacks is insight into the shadow. I worked with them for years and kept saying, “Okay, we need to look at the shadow. Who has something that they are noticing that they are hiding from, judging others because of it, or avoiding dealing with?”

And no one would answer except one woman who was doing her best to look at issues. Unfortunately she was looping on a wound and not willing to work through it but wanted to just keep playing it out again and again. Which made the others not want to share or give feedback.

There was a point when I saw that what I was doing was exactly what they were doing. They were my own mirror. I was looping on a shadow place where I believed that I needed and thought I was helping. But I was simply avoiding my own shadow. What I needed to do was stop a belief that said, “My value was in what I have to give others!”

Once I saw it, I stopped the group.

They were upset and wanted to continue but continuing dysfunction is never a good idea.

What is so hard is to notice where my own ego got attached and was feeding my wound with their dysfunction. They were my shadow and I did not need them to go do the inner work necessary to grow.

In fact, I needed to set them free. I needed to trust that their next pieces were not what was my gifts to them. I needed to realize that I did not have their next level of answers. I needed to trust that each of us will find our way home and back to sanity. I need to free them to walk their own path rather than mimic mine.

It was a powerful freeing moment.

In that moment I also realized that I had done that same process over and over again. There is always something inside me that says, “This is another loop. Loops are not going to get you anything. You have to radically change and go in a completely different direction. You are attached to this pattern and it has become old, boring, and complacent. And you are going to get stuck in your own manifestation and success if you do not move now.”

Then I move.

It always feels like leaping off a cliff of an old reality. It is always scary. It is always thrilling. It is always the right choice.

What do you need to walk away from right now?

Do you see the writing on the wall that you are going to have to go back to school and change careers? Do you see that this world is so radically altering that old methods and modes of manifestation are rapidly disintegrating?

Something is about to be born.

We are in massive labor pains.

We do not know if we can make it through.

We do not even know what we are birthing.
But what I know is that what-ever-it-is, it is something that is needed on a global level to awaken us to our insincerity, blocked compassion, blindness to the suffering of others, and fear.

And while that is a painful realization, it is a moment of truth that will transform everything you thought you knew.

Then that is how we will find the answers we are seeking that seem so elusive.

The problem can never be solved on the level that it was created.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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