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Numerology/Astrology for 7/30/20

7/30/20 is the number 5.
If you add the 7 + 3 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 14.
1 + 4 = 5.

Reality can be harsh. And the number 5 is all about what happens when the hard truths of reality kick in. That is why always looking for the most practical approach and realistic perspective is needed and helpful at times. Take time for yourself. Take time to give yourself a foot massage and appreciate this amazing body that you have been gifted in this life. The more you take care of it, the more it will take care of you. Too often we define ourselves based on our mind. But what makes this world unique is the special experience of being in a body and able to navigate this world experientially. And with that experience comes elements of joy and suffering.
Right now, the isolation for so many in this quarantine is depressing and so very difficult to navigate. I know that my mother is 84 years old and my  sister being a doctor has cordoned off parts of her house to keep her husband safe and is not seeing my mother because she is sure she will get Covid-19 eventually because she has 3 nurses test positive for it and with the numbers increasing it is only a matter of time before she will get it in some form. So my mother is doing great taking care of herself and putting on a mask and going to the store. But it is very lonely.
Know that there are many out there feeling the same way. Reach out if you can and connect with those that really have no one.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Mercury opposes Jupiter and it will form a trine to Neptune later today. Let your ideas inspire you to find the deeper meaning to this moment in time for yourself and others. Pay attention to the details to the best of your ability. Research facts and be clear in this confusing time.
You are being stretched beyond any old and familiar comfort zones. Welcome to the real world that is outside each of our bubbles. Those bubbles have been burst and new ones are failing in this ridiculous world of carefully constructed lies.
Don’t make decisions or choices because even if you think you are clear, life is in too much flux to really be confident or certain.
The Moon continues in the expanding sign of Sagittarius, helping you find deeper truths and controlled adventures.
Intend to find the best attitude you can in this trying time. Do your best to adapt to this moment of insanity. You are strengthening muscles that have atrophied. You are discovering how to have more direction in a world gone mad. There are those people that have the intent to manipulate and control others and keep them down. You will need to continue to make adjustments and re-assess again and again.

Know that jealousy is a problem right now and emotions can erupt out of nothing. Be careful to be kind and recognize that others that may be unreasonable, stressed out, and unable to be civil.

~Suzanne Wagner~


There is a point
when you stop seeking
and start accepting.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I wonder at what our world will look like in a generation.

Children are going to be permanently changed because of not being able to socially interact in normal ways.
How will that change our society in critical and essential patterns of engagement?
What kind of society will we have with children/adults who have fewer skills to interact with others and see no need to have them?
Will we have a society that becomes sterile, isolated, and not able to connect in constructive ways?
Will this moment promote a type of selfishness because of having to only depend on yourself?

Some are feeling creatively set free because they have the time to engage things that are opening them.
Others are feels isolated, depressed, and triggered to a level of despair that I have not witnesses in my clients.

While on one level it makes me happy that families get to spend quality time with each other. I also know that there are many children who live in tremendously dysfunctional homes with parents who do not care, because those parents that have not matured themselves.
I remember friends in Jr. High and High School that felt school was safer than in their home. Their “real” life was at school and their friends were the places of sanity where they could connect in meaningful ways with others and find acceptance.

And how many teachers saw that suffering and tried very hard to reach those children that were despondent and withdrawn? I watched teachers of mine that took those children under their wing and gave them the confidence, love, and acceptance that they so desperately needed. One teacher forever changed that child’s life and gave them hope that they could be amazing and have a wonderful life.

Humanity is a socially interactive species and this type of isolation for some is pulling them under and into fears from their past.

I hope this moment allows for a more creative life to flow because people have more time to paint, do hobbies, and interact with a deeper part of themselves. I hope that people realize that driving two hours for work each day is a waste of a precious life and insist that work now has more flexibility.
I believe this moment has the potential to create great good and some very scary outcomes.
What is clear is that nothing will be the same after all this is done. There is a deep purging of things that will not be able to survive this terrible moment. Some businesses will collapse. Restaurants will not be there. Shopping centers will close.
Perhaps humanity will see how wasteful it is on so many levels. Perhaps we will recognize how much we are doing to make ourselves feel better externally when really we needed to go internal and reclaim and discover who they really are.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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