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Numerology/Astrology for 7/31/21

7/31/21 is the number = 16

Add the 7 + 3 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 16. Or 1 + 6 = 7.

The Number 7 supports each of us in understanding appropriate boundaries. That means boundaries with others and recognizing that some people prefer a bit more distance for many reasons. Covid only being one of them. After a year and a half of distance and being more separated have turned many of us into hermits. Perhaps that is good. Perhaps it is to help us learn to respect the needs of others in such times. And perhaps we are learning that we might have needed more space that we realized also.

Sometimes boundaries show up as needing time. Time to figure things out. Time to get over what we are feeling and the things that we are personally up against.
No matter what, notice your physical space in relationship to others. Be respectful and kind. Everyone has been through the same stresses, and we are all a bit fried and nerves are raw.

We need to learn to respect the boundaries of others even if we disagree with them. Intentionally pushing into the personal spaces of others is aggressive, rude, and can cause trauma. Besides we don’t want to look like a bully or a perpetrator.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

As the Moon tries to comfort us in the stabilizing and nurturing sign of Taurus, we may feel as if we so need a break from a lot of little things that are getting under our skin.

Mercury and Neptune continue to disorient us with a minor square. Take a bit more time than you need to get things done or to where you are going. People may want to give you a piece of their mind. Best to avoid confrontations for now.
It may seem hard to figure out where you are at moments today. One minute we may feel happy, idealistic and in the flow. Then the next minute everything seems confusing and difficult to handle. It may feel as if we don’t know our own mind.
The Sun and Mercury seem to have a pleasant exchange with the asteroid Juno and the North Node. Use this to strengthen the bonds that pull us together and allow for the exchange of trust and support. Put a bit more effort into the things that are drawing you in.

And take extra time to let that mind sort out the various pieces of information coming into our awareness.
This is a time for growth and I am grateful for those that want to rise to the occasion and make a difference.
~Suzanne Wagner~


In the great tree of life, we are all leaves.
In the great oceans of our world, we are all drops of water.
In the circle of life, we are all essential pieces in that wheel.

~Suzanne Wagner~


So much has changed and I believe it is for the greater good.

I remember being a dancer, sick three times with pneumonia in Berlin and the ballet company kept getting me more antibiotics to keep me performing because there were many other dancers out with injuries. So the ballet mistress had “connections” and I kept taking the “pills” because I did not want to disappoint or get taken out of rolls. The end result was waking up one morning early (3 am) and realizing that I was dying. I called my friend John Skripek and he took a cab over. He told me to go unlock my front door and the outside door so he could get in because all the doors in Berlin had these fancy magnetic locks. I don’t remember opening either door but he found me delirious and lying across the outside door, using my body to keep the door open.

He picked me up and took me back inside my apartment and called his friend who was a doctor. Now, in Berlin at that time, doctors did not make house calls but in this case he did. I remember, him shaking me and asking me what I was on. The doctor thought I was having an overdose. I managed to respond to look in my mirrored cabinet in the bathroom. He came back with the antibiotics and said, “This…This is what you are taking!”
And I nodded. Then he asked how long I had been taking it. And I said 3 months. I saw his face go into shock. Evidently that was a really strong antibiotic and being on it for that long, I had collapsed my immune system.

I was very sick. The type of sick that hospitalizes you.
In fact, I don’t remember 3 weeks of my life. With the exception of a bird in my friend’s house talking to me in German and Spanish, everything is a blur.

When I finally came out of it, I looked like an Auschwitz victim. I was 105 lbs and I am 5 foot 10 inches. I could barely stand and I could not go up the stairs.
After that, you would think that I would have learned that my own health is more important than the show. But dancers and athletes are strong minded. That is what gives them that tremendous discipline to keep on keeping on.

During the old days of ballet with all the Russian training that I had, I learned that my feet bleeding through the point shoes was not an excuse to take them off.
Once I got to Ballet West in Utah, one rehearsal, my feet were bleeding through my shoes when my friend Mary Ann saw them and said in alarm, “Suzanne! Your feet are bleeding through your shoes! You need to take them off and put on regular ballet shoes!”

But I looked at her like she was insane and said, “If I take them off they will hurt more!”

She stared at me incredulously and then ordered two male dancers to tackle me so she could take my shoes off. And promptly went up to the ballet mistress and told her that my feet were bleeding and that I would do the rehearsal in ballet shoes!

There are many more such stories.

I remember, completely understanding why Mary Lou Retton could not step back from doing that last vault even though she was injured. I understand the adrenaline that can override physical pain and injury.
I understand the old mentality of the teachers that pushed you to win no matter what.

I think Simon Biles has shown us a new path and way to deal with the tremendous stresses of performing. I think she is healthier in her mind than I personally was in my younger years. I think that even though she has pulled out, her choice shows perspective and maturity. And her coaches are to be commended for allowing her to listen to her intuition that knew she was not in the right headspace to do the tremendously difficult things she has been known for.

To those that recognize when they need to stop … I salute you all.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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