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Numerology/Astrology for 7/3/18


7/3/18 is the number 3. The number 3 brings a ray of sunshine into the mix which might give you a welcome relief. There is a positive flow. Perhaps it is because of the long holiday weekend. Regardless. Today do something that is very American in the most positive way. Help another, bring someone that is alone to your barbeque, bake cookies for your elderly neighbor, etc. It is time to show the real spirit of America. That is needed now more than anything.


~Suzanne Wagner~





Astrology Today


The Moon spends the day in the compassionate and loving sign of Pisces, aligning with Neptune and forming trine aspects to the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio. I hope this depth allows for better interactions with others from a more heart-felt and kind position. Perhaps you need to learn something new and inspire yourself to your next level of growth. Try sharing inspirational stories with others and do things that lift others up. It is time to demonstrate increased tolerance and cooperation.

A Uranus-Ceres trine is excellent for innovation in your work, looking at your health with new methods and tools. Rather than looking for a quick answer you want to radically change how you are living your life. This is a moment when you might discover new and possibly improved ways of relating to your life, nurturing those that matter to you, and healing the patterns and behaviors that have caused separation and conflict. Being in a group may tend to encourage these things more than one on one patterns. I have learned that you have to allow those you love the freedom to be themselves in that moment, whether you agree with their actions or not. That is the only way they can see through their own patterns and bring their life back into focus. But know, such things take time. Others never move in the time that you believe is necessary. They move in the time that is theirs and theirs alone. That is why patience is essential in life. It is your ego that wants to have resolution right now. It hurts to watch those you love hurting themselves and others by their behaviors and personal choices. But you have to let them have their own journey to learn the lessons. There are just some things that you cannot learn any other way.

~Suzanne Wagner~







Science is organized knowledge.
Wisdom is organized life.
~Immanuel Kant~


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