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Numerology/Astrology for 7/4/18


7/4/18 is the number 4. Happy 4th of July everyone. The number 4 is a number that strives to find balance so that from that stability, one can build upon it. We are in a time where the stability is in question in our world. It takes real effort and solid complex reasoning skills to make changes that can stand the test of time. Take a look around you and notice if what is being created has stability and if it is based on truth and what is real or if it is fabricated to justify terrible choices that negatively impact humanity? Each of us is responsible to look at our past history lessons and learn from them. Unfortunately our school systems have been undermined for the past many years and so the important lessons that we had hoped would never repeat … are repeating because of a lack of understanding the basics that make our society unique and special. You can only have neutrality when you have a solid foundation. When a beautiful house that has stood for a long time is undermined at its very foundation, that beautiful house will collapse into the sink hole of those that actively chose to take out the pillars that have allows our world to stand against the strong winds of change. You can always rebuild but that house will never be the same ever again. But even great things need modification to deal with the shifts in society and time. What are you doing to assist in that shift?


~Suzanne Wagner~





Astrology Today


The USA July 4th holiday astrologically is a time of fire and change. Just remember that it is not so great for dogs and dry grass. There is just too much fire running around and Grand Crosses in Fixed signs. The Sun is making a positive aspect to Jupiter on the 4th and exact early on the 5th. Be aware that those that just want to do what they want to do without thinking of the consequences is going to be much higher than normal. This is an indicator of indulgence in a grand way. I worry for all the fire danger throughout our country at this time. So everyone be more careful than you have ever been in the great outdoors.

With Chiron stationary and turning retrograde, you are being flooded with energies that are hard to make sense of. Therefore those important decision-making situations are best avoided right now, as your thinking can be a little skewed quite a bit at this time.

Mars is retrograde, too, reminding you that you really need to take things slowly in the decision-making areas. Don’t jump to any conclusions right now because with Neptune at high tide in Pisces, nothing is really what it seems. Expect to have feelings of overwhelm. Chiron’s retrograde cycle itself, which lasts until December 9th, at least is great for introspection. For those willing to actually honestly look inside. It is time to reassess your mental and physical health programs in your life and create a plan that may work better for you.

You are getting closer to a Sun-Jupiter trine, which fortunately will bring a more generous and open-hearted approach. Let tolerance and cooperation be your guide for the rest of the month. You are going to need it. And give each other the benefit of the doubt. Let this aspect of camaraderie shift your center point of alignment towards a more solid place from which you can become happier and more compassionate.

There is a Mercury-Mars opposition, which will (unfortunately) bring tensions related to all that bottled up resentment and anger you might be holding. Know that technical problems and issues abound and finding the solutions to them are going to be slower than you want. Know that any sharp words are going to be indicators of the errors in your judgment.

The Moon in Pisces with all the rest of this stuff, suggests that it’s an ideal time to take a break from your patterns and habits. Go out. Go into nature. Step away from the addictive patterns in your life. Find that you have a place inside that is solid and then build upon that.

~Suzanne Wagner~







The tree of liberty must be refreshed
from time to time with
the blood of patriots and tyrants.
~Thomas Jefferson~


There is no flag large enough
to cover the suffering
and conscious infliction
of pain that a government
does to its own people.
~Suzanne Wagner~







July Astrology – Blow by Blow


The question to ask yourself this month is; “How do you take charge when there is chaos unraveling our world?”


Mars retrograde in Aquarius is a pattern that makes you feel that Mars is changing its direction over and over again, in this sign of the unpredictable (Aquarius). There are so many things that are completely dead and that each of us need to get over. Yes, I know it is hard but there is no going back and while situations have eroded the foundations of your life, you have no choice but to rebuild those foundations with great skill and engineering that will stand against the coming storms of life.


This realization is shocking and nerve wracking to most of us right now. It is causing great stress and internal exhaustion, as it has been going on for a long time and it is not showing any signs of letting up.


July is going to make that even more clear as the month progresses. The more you can do right now, the better off you will be in the long run.


There are two eclipses in the month of July. One Solar (July 12th in Cancer) and one Lunar (July 27th in Aquarius). And there is another solar eclipse August 11th in Leo. These three eclipses in a row is a combination that is a rare experience and needs to be noticed and addressed as eclipses are doorways to places that you have never been before.


Such aspects are the indicator that everything that you have known is going to become new. You are going to notice those internal thoughts and repetitive behaviors that are looping internally and externally. You are going to notice that you are sounding like a broken record.


And that is the point.


You are broken if you are caught in a pattern that is looping and actually going nowhere. Listening to that repetitive voice constantly expressing its opinion and position is going to get sickening. Even to you.


The question to ask is: “Are you sick of hearing yourself?
Are you sick of this conversation?
Are you really getting anywhere?”


With Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio, eclipses in Leo and Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius, what you need to look at, is that you are in a Fixed Cross of great power and destructive tendencies. In such moments you need to be very careful. I know you believe that you are attempting to help people and situations. But do they want or need your help? If they don’t who are you really trying to help? More often than not, you are trying to help yourself.

The world is on fire and you have a bucket, but no water. So are you really helping, waving the empty bucket around? You want to feel like you are trying to fix situations, but you are not really helping at all. And possibly causing more chaos with your upset and fear. Yes, I know that all of this is a shock to the system. But you are here. You chose this time to be on the planet and some part of you must be capable of making an impact that has value either to yourself or others.


The real shock is that the fire is completely out of control and there is nothing that you can really do to stop the fire even if you had water. Even firefighters with perfect equipment have to step back and just let a fire burn itself out sometimes.


So what do you do?


Regardless, the fire is going to burn your fear to the ground. The fire is going to burn down your ego, burn down your illusions, burn down the lies you have been telling.


That is because it is time to recognize that YOU are the fire.


You have created this to burn through this Karmic clutter and this hoarding of crap that you have been accumulating throughout your life and lifetimes. Your repetitive patterns cannot be sorted or changed. It is a waste of time and effort. You have to walk away. You have to know that you cannot save the un-save-able qualities within your soul that need to be broken down because they died a very long time ago.


You have to confront the situation that is so toxic to your soul, that it is burning it to the ground. Within you, your soul essence is like a crazy guru. Your true nature is acting crazy on purpose because your ego is the one in the insanity. To break that insanity you have to face the truth mirror and at first that is going to trigger you greatly. To the insane parts of yourself, truth will seem really bizarre. When you step beyond the crazy loop that you have been living in, that which will seem insane to your present self is actually going to be the doorway through that you have been seeking. You have to take the risk to open to what seems impossible.


The astrology keeps asking you to take care of you. You are deeply being restricted in this astrology. You are being asked to have integrity in your life. And you cannot help a situation if you have nothing inside to give. Especially if you do not have the water that you need inside to find that flow.


Walking away is the choice of your heart. It is the choice of your real life that is waiting out there if you let go of all this garbage you have been protecting and holding onto. You cannot protect others from their chosen path. You cannot save anyone but yourself. And you cannot take anyone through a door that you have not already walked through.


Chiron is retrograding the first week of July. This makes you doubt that you will ever be able to do what you want. It makes you realize (with a shock) that those dreams seem now impossible under these presently evolving circumstances. You have to make a decision.

What do you really want?

What is actually stopping you?

Take a breath. Stop the loop. Start to heal.
Find your real strength.


July 9, Venus enters Virgo. This puts Venus in its detriment. It is not going to be happy at all here. All the changes that you need to make are going to be very hard. Relationships are going to be challenging in ways you have not previously predicted and new patterns of relating are going to have to be worked out.


Nothing this month is going to make you feel better. To make a change, you are going to have to commit to do the work, to create the reality that what you want. You are going to have to work very hard in your physical world to make the necessary changes. Nothing is going to be easy. You just have to accept that and move forward regardless of the obstacles that the universe presents. You have to let go of that illusion that if it is very right then it will be easy. So much for all the Lolli-pop beliefs in the metaphysical world because they are going to go out the window.


July 10, Jupiter is going to go direct (thank goodness) finally. Take a look at if you are growing your life in a way that is authentic. Jupiter asks you to make a statement to the universe about who you really are. It is prepping to go into Sagittarius (its home) in the fall and at that time it will be ready to celebrate and expand in November. To really use this energy now, to propel you forward, you are going to have to clear a lot of darkness out of your soul. That is what Jupiter in Scorpio is all about. What you are holding onto is truly dead, so now you have to bury it and grieve. Then move on.


If you have been living in way too much chaos and the sheer confusion and have not cleared out internal emotional space, then when the eclipses go into the Leo/Aquarius pattern at the end of the month, chances are that life will become extremely volatile. Right now you have to pick your position on the chess board. Once you decide you will not be able to change your position until the end of 2019. Pick wisely and pick a position that has the movement you want and need as you go forward.


On July 26th Mercury goes retrograde and then the next day is an eclipse. Make your decisions now and not after that Mercury retrograde and not after the eclipse. I would wait till September for making any big decisions.


July is just setting the stage and August is going to be more intense. So be meticulous for setting that stage. Just like you would prepare a boat for a long journey, you are preparing for a spiritual journey to awaken your soul up to your humanistic potential in this very important moment in time.


What do you really want in your heart?
What kind of life do you want to co-create with the world?
What choices do you have to make to have that life?
Are you willing to do the very, very hard work to make that happen?


There are some big issues that you have been resisting learning. Those lessons are the only door to give you the confidence that you need to move through this time successfully.


You have to heal but if you refuse to do that, the consequences are going to be one of hardest to hit you in a very long time. It is time to recognize that your choices and the consequence of those choices are going to show you your own shadow fully. You have had many moments when truth has been attempting to help you break through the looping and illusions your ego created. But for some, you have been resisting that change more and more.


Being right is essential for your ego.

But it is a poison for your soul.


If you cannot see that, then you will not be given that key to your soul transformation. Then things will just get more difficult and more challenging. The Sun is coming into conjunction to Jupiter and this is bringing more and more light to get stronger and stronger.


If you are holding intense darkness then you may feel like a vampire standing in the sun.


Remember, it is your fire.

It is your soul that is burning your ego away.


You must become less narrow minded.
You have to commit to something.
And that something must be your true soul essence.

Everything you want is being presented to you. But you cannot get through the door with fake money and a fake ID. The cost to getting through this doorway is the full expression of your authentic soul vibration.


It is how you vibrate that is going to light you up or make your darkness burn.


For some, this month is going to be amazing. But you cannot feel that way if you are looping or not addressing the uncertainty all around you. You have sacred contracts that need to be addressed, which is what Jupiter in Scorpio is all about.


Those sacred contracts are up.


The devil will want his due.


If you don’t admit to what you have made bargains with, if you don’t admit that you have been trying to fix that which was dead hundreds of years ago, then you will loop eternally in that bubble and never find the potential that your soul was striving towards.


Fires are about reclaiming the purity of your soul. Fires are about cleansing way. Fires are about tearing down that which you have been clinging onto.


Admit it. You have been playing a lot of mind games with yourself and others. You know you have a message to give. The problem is that it is not the one that you have been attempting to express.


You pretended (Jupiter in Scorpio) to know. When you were actually aligning with those that instead reflected your own darkness. You have been waiting and hiding in the dark emotional waters of Cancer. You cannot afford that any longer.


A big wave is coming, and you have to be ready to flow and go. If you resist and have not done the work, then your clinging to that coral reef is going to not slice you to pieces. You cannot wait another minute. You have to change and let go of what you believed would make you safe and trust the magnitude of the greater flow. It is going to be a wild ride and you are going to be way out of your comfort zone. This is a choice that you have been waiting for your whole life.


You have been sitting in a place that has not been one that you can actually sit in without tremendous discomfort. You have to move into another place to find your truth. Let the current carry you away to another place because that island you have been on is going under in this wave. That place you thought would make you safe is not going to be able to help you out.


Are you ready? Are you really ready to liberate you from your old self?


Are you going to come to peace with your own emotional instability?


Things that are not feeling right must to be let go of. You have to confront your own judgments about who you think you are if you decide to make that choice that you need to make. If you feel that you are a bad person for making that choice and refuse to do what is hard to do, then you will get caught back into that loop that has been making you crazy.


A cycle has ended.


There is no turning back.


Those that do not change will only continue to feed the misery.


You don’t want to do that. We are in the summer. Things are getting hotter and hotter. Be open to another way. You cannot go against the messages from your own soul without dire consequences. You cannot go against the critical reality that your confusion is causing suffering to more than just you. The voice of the planet is telling you to change. Yet, the darkness wants to seduce you back into the loop. So what will you do?


The end of the month will define where you have chosen to stand. If you have not defined your position then it might be too late to shift without intense consequences. Where you stand will tell you if you are going to feel more suffering or less.


The lunar eclipse on July 29th is directly on the North Node. If you stand in your true self, the neurotic feelings will calm down. If you don’t you will feel a storm unlike anything you have ever experienced. You can either choose to fly above the storm or you can be torn apart by the storm. After all you are in a free will zone and you always have a choice. What will yours be?


Those clutching their egos will move into highly destructive patterns.


By the end of July, you are either going to find your light or you will discover how desperately empty you are inside. Be blessed.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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