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Numerology/Astrology for 7/7/18


7/7/18 is the number 7. The number 7 assists in making patterns and strategies for your forward progression at this time. Take a look at what needs your attention. Take a look at what you need to organize and have a better structure for a smoother movement forward. How can you find the smoothest way to move towards your goals and dreams? This number is the number of the collective consciousness. While you have to be very awake and aware of what the world is doing you do not have to move with the flow of humanity. You do however, have to move with the flow of life and nature. We are not separate from this worlds rules and laws, though we seem to think we are better than them. But in the end. Nature will win. Nature will give us life and take it away and use our bodies energy for other life. That is not morbid but just a fact and the way of things. The number 7 is also about looking at your personal philosophy in life with objective logic and discernment. No matter what you believe all you have to do is follow a few simple natural rules. Use only what you need, appreciate silence, be willing to learn and grow, stay open to the wonders of life, be kind to those who are suffering, offer up what you have to others in need, never judge but observe in wonder, and find that flow of life and work always with it.


~Suzanne Wagner~





Astrology Today


The Moon continues its transit of enterprising Aries until when the sun comes up in the morning, after which it travels through stable Taurus, indicating a weekend where you want to accomplish something tangible and productive. A Taurus Moon craves ease and flow, comfort and consistency. It trines to Saturn today making the effort easier and more accomplished. However, the Moon also aligns with Uranus, so just know that there is going to be some level of change in everything you do. You are going to stretch a few dendrites in your brain and you will have to figure out a few things to get there. With the Moon’s square to Mars tonight, don’t let frustrations and the impatience of others, interfere with the goals you have set for yourself.

The Sun’s contra-parallel to Saturn asks you to become especially aware of what your real responsibilities are to others and to follow through no matter what. Just because you want to do something else does not mean you are supposed to break commitments with those that are counting on you. You are going to feel some limitations today. Mostly in your interactions with others. Keep cool. Stay calm. Do your best to stay true to your heart and do not get caught up in their projections or drama.

~Suzanne Wagner~






She moved in a fearlessness
of authentic expression.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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