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Numerology/Astrology for 7/7/21

7/7/21 is the number = 19

Add the 7 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 19. Or 1 + 9 = 10.

The Number 10 tells us that it is time to get up and do something wonderful. Why not? Why not make this an amazing day? Why not do something that you will positively remember forever?

We all need each other. We all need to connect and have others share and care. There are many things that cannot be stopped as life dishes out the lessons for our karmic journey. But in each moment, we can make small miracles happen. While we do have to look for those moments and respond when they arise. We can also relish those times when things took us beyond ego and into our essence.

I often wonder if when we die, those precious moments where we gave back to others in pure unconditional love are those memories that flash through our mind when we die.

There are so many precious moments that may have been short lived but profound in who they might have positively impacted.

Sometimes a simple smile can turn someone’s day around. Might as well enjoy it and make someone’s day profound.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues to seek out new life and new realizations so that we can boldly go where no one has gone before. Sorry! Just had to do that today. The Moon is in Gemini, and it loves to explore the possibilities of the mind and gain knowledge and insight. The day tries to bring in that objective and scientific mindset that prefers overview and perspective over emotional engagement and mud wrestling.

Goodness, I am on one today.
It is perfect to relish the unknown and allow the ideas to inspire completely new thoughts or ways of doing something.
Venus will trine Chiron giving us the impetus to heal past relationships and that in turn will allow us to understand another’s perspective.
As humans we are deeply flawed but beautiful in our uniqueness. Learn to trust those that care for us in unconditional ways.

Realness is sought out and authenticity can revitalize us energetically if we give it a chance.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We are out on the edge of a new world.
We are here to discover and uncover a possibility.
The fires force us to look at the heat and anger that has gotten out of control.
The storms show us the emotional mayhem that we have been feeding with our disowning of truth.
We impact this world in ways that we cannot totally understand.
When we are responsible for all our actions and interactions, then this world can heal.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Yesterday I watched a mama skunk and her five babies take a stroll through my backyard.

I have the best skunks in the world. They barely have any smell.

Perhaps it is because we discovered a while ago that we also had one albino skunk. A totally white skunk with blue eyes. And no smell what-so-ever.

At first, we thought it might be a weasel in the darkness of night. We just saw a while streak going up the plum tree and knocking down plums.
Later we got a flashlight and revealed the marvelous truth of this unique creature.
For a long time we had noticed that none of the skunks really smelled in our neighborhood. We thought it might be because we do not have a dog. So, they do not need to defend themselves. And my cat is smaller than the skunks and they just look at each other.
But again and again, it is a lovely thing to be around these adorable creatures who come to my watering hole for the birds and get their drink of water and nibble on some of my plants and search for stray birdseeds.

But then last night a more unwelcome visitor showed up … the bear. He knocked over a garbage can and my compost.
Whew! Stinky compost. I was somewhat surprised by that. Now I have to clear it out and start over. But where to put stinky compost?
Probably very far away from the house. LOL!

~Suzanne Wagner~

  1. Rebecca Branham 2 months ago

    Compost stinks when it is anaerobic—it’s too wet and not getting enough air. Add dry material. Also, the compost odors tell you the good stuff you’re trying to create is escaping as gases = anaerobic compost isn’t much good—even after you dry it out because the nitrogen (ammonia smell), sulfur ( rotten egg smell), etc. have already left.

    • Author
      Suzanne Wagner 2 months ago

      good to know.

      I am drying it out now.

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