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 Numerology/Astrology for 7/8/18

7/8/18 is the number 8. The number 8 asks you to notice the suffering of others and to do something to help. Even small acts of kindness give hope to others. Up until now, our country has had such wealth, it has been easy to ignore others suffering. But now that voice has become louder to awaken our compassion and break open our heart. At what point can you no longer be numb and able to see past and beyond others who are struggling? At what point do you recognize that you can become a vehicle for the divine to move through you and help those in need. The places that catch in your throat are the places inside that you are still healing and so as you help those people, animals, children, birds, and nature, then something heals within you also heals and you begin to become more whole and awake. The discomfort is worth the expansion of awareness that is necessary for compassionate change that is so needed at this time in our life. Remember love is always expanding. Expanding beyond what are your habits, expanding beyond your minds judgments, and expanding beyond anything you could possibly conceive of in this moment. You are capable of great love. It would be a shame to miss such a magnificent opportunity to discover how large of a container your body is for grace.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

This is a busy week. On Sunday morning, the Sun makes a trine to Neptune. This is a nice and gentle combination, especially good for paying attention to your dreams, spiritual activities, or leisurely easing into your Sunday. However, the Moon also aligns with Uranus, and we’d be wise to embrace some level of change and progress. With the Moon’s square to Mars tonight, it can be all too easy for frustrations or impatience to interfere with these goals. Enjoy an easy day on Sunday because there is a challenging communications and traffic aspect early Monday morning. The Moon continues its transit of enterprising Aries until around rush hour, after which it travels through stable Taurus once again.

The Sun’s contra-parallel to Saturn suggests reminds you to look at and own your responsibilities, commitments, and limitations today, mainly through your interactions with others.
~Suzanne Wagner~



What is beyond love you ask?

…… Grace.

~Suzanne Wagner~



There is a point that the striving melts away and you are left cleanly and clearly with your own heart and the voice of your own heart as it organically moves through your life. There is no longer an agenda other than the sharing of truth and the desire for others to care enough about themselves that they can finally care about others equally. That voice that is your consciousness, is always there. But your mind and ego often stop it from just naturally flowing spontaneously in the moment. When there is no longer any need for recognition or financial gain because of what you know or what you “believe” you know, and have mentally defined as “so important”, then there is a type of calm movement that just flows … because it knows.

It knows that all the posturing is ego.

It knows that denying any truth will not make it go away.

It knows that you are not being love when you actively hate.

But it also knows that you can be love when you are sharing uncomfortable truths.

All great teachers know that it is only through the discomfort that the lie within becomes illuminated. All teachers know that truth is a sword that cuts deep and true. All teachers know that egos will protect their sacred illusions to the death. All teachers know that that is the risk for waking up.

Something must die for the grief to shatter the mind into the light that it came to express.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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