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Numerology/Astrology for 8/10/19

8/10/19 is the number 3. Notice the cycles. Flow forward no matter what. Stay in the middle of the river and notice things that crash you against the edges of the cliffs. Notice where you are circling in the eddies but going nowhere. Forward motion eventually turns into a positive force. Storms break through the obstacles that block the flow of rivers. Storms come in different levels of intensity and flows also have different levels and energetic flow. All you can do is be aware of what is happening and learn to move with the energy that is present. When you are not surprised but in a place of being able to recognize, you will find a positive bent with which to work with.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


I hope for happy dreams as the conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter happens as you are sleeping. Those night owls could really use this to their advantage. Within the dreams may be messages that are significant or support a shift in your reality.

The Moon squares Neptune. Increasing the emotional disturbances and the desire for dreamy passivity. You might notice that you get lost in thoughts. But there might be some amazing things come out of them.

The Moon trine Mars will give you willpower, courage, and conviction to perhaps make those dreams into something. Open you might and heart and let yourself follow that potential into manifestation.

As you go to sleep the Moon will move into Capricorn. You are serious, focuses, and determined to see something through. Your life is calling you. Personally, others might now understand what you are trying to do. That is okay. Let them go on their own journey and you on yours.

Some might feel a bit let down because the Sun forms a quincunx to Neptune. And then with Venus on the 11th. The intensity of life might be leaving you feeling drained. You might not know what the universe wants from you. Life seems bent to constantly keep you in a state of confusion, making you feel a bit out of sorts. That next step seems to allude you. Take the time to slow down and adjust. Incorporating things will come later.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The water gleams
and looks back at me.
A mirror to my soul
A reminder of what could be.
A hidden potential revealed.
If I am ready to see this moment.
And see past what I was told.
~Suzanne Wagner~







I just love the topography of the Colorado Rockies. The area around Yankee Boy Basin has always looked to me like castles from long ago. Broken down by time. And witnesses to ancient battles of times past. The wildflowers were out in full force. For that I was grateful because this season the winter lasted longer, the snows were 90 feet in the basin and the avalanches were tremendously destructive. So it took a long time for the summer to melt that much snow and the flowers to come out. And there was a lot of road clearing that was essential. Yet, the rugged beauty and timelessness of that area remains untouched. I am grateful for the presidents that made these area sacred, protected, and special. Because even though there were many more people on the roads than when I was a kid, it still has that pristine untouched quality. I can feel the essence of that nature that is still completely intact. I can feel the purity of the land and the power of such unspoiled places. That is what makes life magical. It is not human touch that impresses me. It is natures amazing palate of colors, textures, light, and sound that illuminate my soul and spirit.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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