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Numerology/Astrology for 8/11/18

8/11/18 is the number 3. The number 3 reminds you that sometimes in life, you feel as if you are on a roller coaster ride that you did not really want to get on. But here you are and here you sit until this ride is over. So stay as present as you can. Be as alive and filled with light as you can. Let the fear move and evolve into excitement. Discover within you the unknown territories of your deepest self. You cannot be whole when you deny what you truly are. You cannot be free if you suppress and withhold parts that you think are not okay. You have to become fully integrated so you can have all the tools you possess at your fingertips and all the colors of the rainbow on your pallet.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Yes, it is the eclipse day. A solar eclipse in Leo, heralds’ endings and new beginnings on a lot of levels. And the astrology today also indicates that certain things keep cropping up for you to deal with. Think of it as if you are debugging a system and getting ready to launch a new type of personal software. So you are going through the steps, but this new software requires new steps for you to integrate. It is not completely new but new enough that you must focus and pay attention to what you are doing rather than habitually do it the old way.

Rules are bending today because there is often a natural development that happens when the old is swept out the door and the new is being implemented. It might feel that you are nervous about the new but that is also going to be the correct thing once you are finished. You might think you are going to go one direction until the wind blows and suddenly you must quickly adjust your sails and head into the oncoming wind.

My suggestion is today, attempt to stay ahead of the changing tide. You have a lot to do but you do need to do it, as it comes up. Don’t resist, just go with this new flow.

What is in front of you might stretch the edges of your perception. That is okay but sometimes it is hard to make sense of things so new, all at once.

Some might feel that they are building bridges as others burn down. It can be confusing to the logical mind. The human element requires cooperation and effective yet sensitive decision making.

Some may be clinging to the past and controlling with fear. Go slow, tread lightly, and know that many are carrying huge emotional issues during this time of change.

Do not make big decisions while tensions are high. Wait until the intensity subsided before being decisive.

For many eclipses are a difficult day. Know that there is a strained and unsettled energy today. Dance with restraint and do your best to not obsess.

Eclipses bring to the forefront moral dilemmas. You have to decide between the high or low road. You are being tested. Know that and choose appropriately.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Never give up.
Never surrender into the pain.
Never allow doubt to break your spirit.
Never let the density of this world
stop you from claiming
the higher spiritual truths.
You may live.
But with a broken spirit
what kind of life is that.
You may die.
But at least you gave it
everything you had.
Such moments count in ways
that you cannot perceive
in the moment.
The soul’s evolution requires
sacrifice and commitment
to what is true, right, and good.
It is worth your life….

~Suzanne Wagner~



This eclipse is in Leo, so it is all about dealing with what you see as power, inside and outside yourself. It shows where command and domination are being called into question. With the Asteroid Pallas, it gives everyone the courage and fighting spirit to use creative intelligence and wisdom to seek truth before taking action. The influence of Mercury retrograde in Leo cannot be under estimated. It is a strong aspect bringing in a lot of thinking, discussion, and arguments. Power and control issues are up in a big way. Expect insults to fly and men abusing their authority.
This eclipse illuminates that we are at war for the soul that is America. The ideals, beliefs, and attitudes that made this country great are being chopped to pieces by dangerously embarrassing, unconscious, bigoted leaders.
This eclipse reveals that there is even more going on below the surface than previously recognized. The changing light reveals more of the falseness and fake power projections than before. The county has never seen such crooked politician as now. It can be shocking to behold.
The world is in a learning curve that makes a turn from domination towards the only doorway that can really help which is spiritual healing of this planet.  This is one of those “tough love” moments.
Sometimes you have to tighten up your budget to get long term prosperity.
This is that moment.
There is no sugar coating the truth today. There is no way to make this bitter taste in your mouth into something sweet. It is a bitter pill to swallow right now and everyone need to taste that fully.
How you handle this eclipse depends on how evolved your soul is. That is because those less evolved will lash out in ruthless and tyrannical ways. This is designed to toughen up the soul. You will have to make a courageous choice. Those chosen to protect the innocent will get an additional boost of energy. Fortunately this eclipse is very bad for treacherous behavior. As this eclipse illuminates even more of what has been hidden. Since the feminine moon is blotting out the sun (the masculine principle) expect to be flooded with emotions and intuitive energy.
Those prepared will become hyper-aware.
You might notice a fear of your own power.
The energy of Solar Eclipses is about illuminating the imbalances you have in your life. For some that might come as a shock.
It makes you ask the question, “What are you fighting for?”
This eclipse aims to tame those that would be destructive. It creates awakening from a fairy tale into a reality that is just so dire. But in that awakening is the hope that is finally real and necessary to kick everyone into high gear and handle the difficult tasks ahead. It will require the super-human skills of everyone to shift this trajectory forward. At least you will finally know what you are fighting for.
~Suzanne Wagner~

  1. lori 1 year ago

    8 11 18 does not brake down to 3.. it’s 10 or 1 but not 3..

    • Author
      Suzanne Wagner 1 year ago

      8 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 21 then 2 + 1 = 3

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