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Numerology/Astrology for 8/11/19

8/11/19 is the number 4. Balance comes back as Jupiter finally moves forward again after months of being retrograde. That begins the shift out of so much reflection and review and more into the feeling of  “Let’s move into a future.” Balance always returns one way or the other. The wilder the swing the more the balance stabilizes and sticks afterwards. I wish that was not the way of things but it seems the way of this world.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Sunday is a day of change, movement, and finding efficiency. You might have been feeling the energy coming for the last week.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have all been moving retrograde since then, which had you feeling like you were stuck, or treading water, or in a big transition between the old and the new you. Such moments can feel challenging. Finding movement that creates joy may be a challenge.

Jupiter starts moving forward again on August 11. And that is very good news. The other two (Saturn and Pluto) will follow at the end of September. Things will start moving forward with big projects that you have wanted to get going.

At the same time, revolutionary Uranus starts moving backwards until January. As the months progress, notice what you need to do to set yourself free, improve your skill set or technological prowess. You might feel that you are more open to innovative, new concepts, and techniques.

Mercury goes into Leo in the afternoon. As Mercury covers old ground, your communication becomes more joyful and confident. Laughter is closer to the surface. And your responsiveness and social participation becomes important as you move forward.

The Moon in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus. Giving you steps to find compromise and new prosperity. Your ability to persuade others seems stronger.

Venus and Neptune quincunx on this day of big shifts and that may make things a bit murky and confusing. Uncertainty rules your life at the moment. You may struggle with how to deal with things realistically. The fantasy just does not fit or work at the moment. You may worry about others and your feelings about others perceptions of you may make you insecure.

~Suzanne Wagner~


To be young and to see
things with wonder and fresh eyes.
To be young and to feel how
all things are new and exciting.
To be old and to see things through
the eyes of memory and history.
To be old and to feel things with
the wisdom of time.
And to still see the world with
the heart of a child.
~Suzanne Wagner~







It is very easy for me to be with the elderly. While some people get impatient and stressed by the challenges that naturally happen to all of us as we get older, that type of stuff has never bothered me. That is probably because it is a natural progression. And there is not vindictiveness involved. And probably because I know that I will be there also, soon enough. And I hope for others to be patient with me as I forget this or wonder about that, or need to know something right now, when it is less than convenient. I see these moments as a process to accept this reality and the good as well as the challenges. I do not really believe that bad stuff is trying to make me crazy but trying to make me see something that is valuable to learn. I have learned many valuable things over the last 3 years and many things that came into the reality that I did not want to believe were even possible. But you have to learn to deal with the hand that life has dealt you and to do it with grace and compassion.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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