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Numerology/Astrology for 8/14/19

8/14/19 is the number 7. There is a rhythm and pattern that underlies your life. That pattern is part organic flow with all of life and part habits that you use to allow continuity to keep you calm and in the routines that you have established through time and experience. Today, notice both. Notice what are your habits that help you to feel calm and aligned with your life. But also notice those moments that are where something bigger takes control and guides you through. Often we habituate to our minds organizational structure. And yet, every once in a while something bigger makes you step out of your comfort zone and feel past yourself and into the place where you are a part of a greater whole. While the patterns and habits of the mind are comforting it is those larger patterns that you might want to pay attention to. Lessons abound when you open your mind and allow life to teach you what might be your next steps in life.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon transits Aquarius all day, and while you feel more earnest, friendly, and principled than usual, you also have a fresh interest in your social life, new ideas, and progress increases.

You want intellectual stimulation, change, and unusual or unconventional experiences.

The Aquarius Moon forms a sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius, and our enthusiasm and idealism increase. Friends, community, groups, causes, and happiness goals can be in stronger focus now.

You are inspired to improve and grow.

A parallel between Mars and Uranus adds further freedom-seeking, spirited energy to the day.

The planets of love take center stage in todays astrological world. The Sun and Venus are very closely connected in conjunction. So love is in the air! The Sun is giving vitality, and Venus brings a hopeful loving presence into all things. This is a great day to meet someone. And possibly someone that is important. If you are in a relationship already (even for a long time), you now have the opportunity to get to know them even better. Go to dinner and a movie. Take time to enjoy each other’s company.

You might find yourself more affectionate and you might want to do something special for others.

It feels like a party day and you are more socially open-minded so use your energy to be brave enough to approach others with your positive light and care. You might want to seek things that spark your creativity and advanced knowledge.

Today you show a positive attitude towards life and you may enjoy more popularity. Several projects you have been working on could be realized. It is time to make further plans for your future. Your artistic side wants to reflect optimism and attraction.

~Suzanne Wagner~


That light in your eyes
is always there.
No matter how old you are,
that spark will remain.
You just have to discover
what makes that spark
~Suzanne Wagner~






When my father died 13 years ago, we took his ashes up to the area where we used to camp in Colorado and so part of what this trip was about was to take a visit up to see my dad and to remember all the wonderful times we had. After all, my mother is 83 and you never know how long anyone is going to be here. So, this felt like the right time to do that and to have a moment to create those lasting memories that are so precious and important. It is always better to do things before it is too late. We often think about it but then get distracted and do not put certain things to the top of the list. Then we regret that we did not do those things later. I knew in my bones that this was one of those moments and to grab it while my mother and her best friend still could. And while I see the changes in them that will happen to everyone as we age, there is still so much life left in them and so much enjoyment and wonder that they are experiencing. I think that too often in life, we get so caught up in our world that we forget to notice what the elderly might need to keep them sharp and awake to what is still there for them to experience. Life is not over until you decide it is over. New experiences always awaken the mind and help it create new pathways. You are never too old to learn something. You are never too old to have experiences. Though in your 80’s having a “personal driver” might be a great help and relieve a lot of stress. I am sure that they could not have done this by themselves, but what a wonderful time we are having and it is  wonderful to see the joy on their faces and the light come back into their eyes.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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