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Numerology/Astrology for 8/15/17
8/15/17 is the number 6. This is a moment when each of us prays for peace. Peace in our own way. But a world where all can work together. The number 6 is the number of unconditional love and acceptance. The number 6 is a spiritual number that asks each of us to look in our heart and into our soul’s karmic lessons and progression. Take a look to what opens your heart and helps your compassionate nature lead.
Monday evening and Tuesday morning would be a really bad time to pick a fight in your relationships. People can run hot and cold as sensual Venus in Cancer is opposite death & rebirth Pluto in cold Capricorn. A bit of this challenge follows into Wednesday. Because the Moon is in Gemini on Tuesday and Wednesday, your mouth can get you in trouble. If you can keep it light and not get bogged down in a topic, you can clear the air with what needs to be said. Just say it and move on. Don’t repeat yourself or dwell on a topic. The Moon is in comfortable Taurus until 10:07 AM EDT. However, Taurean ruler, Venus, opposes Pluto this morning, and there can be intense emotions and attractions, as well as confrontations or events that bring complex feelings and fears to a head. You may be making uncomfortable discoveries, and while some of these can be helpful in the long run, you may be pushing too far for answers right now that are not clearly defined yet. Manipulative behavior can arise in others because of insecurities or fear of betrayal driving them forward. Stay aware of your own fears and insecurities also. The world is moving towards a Mars-Pluto quincunx, adding more difficult karmic, transformative Pluto themes into an already toxic mix. Avoid the inclination to push your agendas or to go to great lengths to prove your point. Each person is locked in a pattern and will not shift until something terrible happens. Which this energy is building up to do. The Moon transits communicative, friendly Gemini from 10:07 AM forward. Hopefully that will make things a bit softer but with all the other astrology I am afraid that the result is going to be violent and explosive shouting matches.

~Suzanne Wagner~


What ghosts do you hide in your words?
What anger and fear lurks in your deep silence?
What will it take for you to really look?
What will you have to change
to become congruent with your truth?
~Suzanne Wagner~


I wish for all those fighting for equality and peace the energy to become a force for good to stop the racism in this country that has become rampant. I pray for those who cannot see their inherent racism to awaken and recognize that they are doing things that cause harm to others. I hope for a world where we can all live as one. But I also have my eyes wide open to the reality that is staring us in the face. And with bravery and courage I stand to face what is coming. Change is never easy. Change can test us to the limits of our old self. Change shows us where we have been living in an illusion and a lie. And change will break all of our egos down to the harsh truth of our distortions.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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