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Numerology/Astrology for 8/15/18

8/15/18 is the number 7. The number 7 asks you to look at the issue of your boundaries and the strategies that you are using in your life. Are they working? Are they effective in protecting as well as allowing for growth? That is usually the problem. Doing both at the same time is tricky on a good day. It takes a great deal of self-awareness to stay in alignment with where you need to lean into your edges and grow and knowing where to hold a line. The question to ask yourself is, “Are you holding the line from fear? Are you holding the line out of habit? Are you holding the line because this is what you were taught? Are you holding the line, so you can energetically catch up to the next shift that you know is coming?” All of those questions are important in discerning if the pattern is constructive for your development or just protecting your egos hold and control over your present situation. Only when you find your present line can you actually figure out the next steps forward. You have to stand on a principle, philosophy, truth, etc. But holding lines that have no real value and give you nothing but heartache, are not really worth the effort. Take a look at the levels that you need to grow and the lines that you might need to cross today to become a better you. In the higher stages of growth, you have to trust someone to take you (metaphorically) into uncharted terrain. Everyone needs a guide, teacher, philosophy, etc to help you believe in the possibility that there is another map and another way to expand and reach beyond your known into a more expanded and present self.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

There is chaos afoot so know that many are out for their own ends and not looking to your highest good. This is where you have to learn to take care of yourself first and foremost. Be careful to not waste your energy in places that do not serve you at all.

Sometimes you have to let something grow and mature before you figure out what is the next step. The desire to somehow get along is still there and there is a show of progress. That may have to be enough for now.

We are in a very sociable and artistic Moon cycle. Let that creativity out a bit more. You will like it.

Everyone is going to be feeling hypersensitive and a bit out of sorts. We are evolving into noticing much more subtle patterns and while that is a great evolutionary step, at first it can be a bit uncomfortable.

Do not use your new powers of sensitivity and emotional connection to manipulate others for your own goals. There is some hesitation and indecision. If you are not sure then don’t.

If you try, logic and intuition can help you as they learn to weave their own perspectives and truths together. To solve the bigger problems in life you have to always consider the human element. It is time for effective decision making.

Work environments and repetitive actions can be a relief from all the feeling. Mental, cognitive focus helps to ease the emotions over to the side and allow for more clarity when needed.

Dedicate yourself to a long-term goal or project. Then allow the steps to present themselves. It is the focus that is going to help you see what is right there. Sometimes you have to look a few times to see something that is right there. Your intuitive side will guide you the rest of the way.

~Suzanne Wagner~

The chaos does not end,
you just learn to ride it.
The chaos is not trying to hurt you.
It is just creating life.
Chaos is the minds word for wildness.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Nature has an amazing ability to heal itself but it takes time. Things in this world are incredible but it took a great deal of time for them all to mature into what we see. The physical world is a world that requires effort, time, and focus to learn to manage. I know that we all live in an instant gratification world, but we must remember that things that will stand the test of time, take a great deal of focused intent to manifest for the long haul. Learn to appreciate time. Learn to take the time with those that you love. Learn to make connection a priority over money and fame. Those things are fleeting but it is the connections that we have with others that are timeless and eternal.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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