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Numerology/Astrology for 8/16/19

8/16/19 is the number 9. I am grateful once again, that we are at a completion year number. Take a moment to reflect back on this year’s learning and lessons. See how far you have come in the last 4 years. Much has changed. And much is still going to be asked of you. So while things are not “really” complete, it is important to notice the journey that you have been on for a long time. How far have you progressed? Are you more awake? Are you exhibiting compassion in your daily life? Do you feel more fully present in your interconnections with others? What has come full circle? Much more will be asked of you but practicing the art of recognizing the progress of your soul’s evolution is essential for finding the joy in each and every moment. Completions often allow for a slowing down and a simplification to happen. Less is more. Striving is seen as ego. And peace comes from expressing what is deep in your heart.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Friday morning is not great for clear thinking with the Moon going into Pisces later today, so start your day quietly and allow gaps in your schedule. Do something fun. Feel into the flow. Take some time to decompress and tap into that intuition of yours.

Mercury in Leo squaring Uranus in Taurus. This is a pattern that will make you feel less trusting. Some may feel torn and restless by the circumstances in life. While it is normal for plans to fail it is still making you antsy. Do your best to keep a practical mindset though you can feel your emotions trying to pull you into places where you are emotionally challenged. Certain things can make you feel fearful and that can make life difficult. Certain mental pressures may be difficult to organize. Dealing with the routine is comforting but things may be left undone or incorrectly interrupted. Be careful to not jump ahead of yourself.

More information surfaces that upsets. Just keep letting your mind expand.

Because of the Mars/Chiron aspect you will gain an advantage through focus, strategy, learning and thinking outside the old reality. ~Suzanne Wagner~


Completions often allow
for a slowing down and
a simplification to happen.
Less is more.
Striving is seen as ego.
And peace comes from
expressing what is deep
in your heart.

~Suzanne Wagner~






We are off to visit Aspen, Snowmass, and Maroon Bells. As a Ballet West Dancer we did a summer program of performances in Aspen each year and stayed in Snowmass for the extent of the season. It was a beautiful place to be in the summer. And one filled with memories. The hardest challenge to dance in this amazing place was the altitude. I still remember one of our stage crew, Henry, holding a tissue between his lips, a cup of water in one hand, and an oxygen mask in the other as I came off stage in between entrances of hard ballets. I still appreciate his kindness and playful eyes in those moments of totally exhaustion. Life is filled with precious snapshots of our past that give us energy as we move forward in time. I love that getting older gives us those moments to look back fondly and honestly. I love that what we remember, are those connections with others not necessarily our own successes. The successes of my past seem like momentary blips on a screen. What remains firmly etched in my mind are those connections and moments shared with others that make you smile, make you forget what you are feeling, and allow you to step beyond the mind into the heart.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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