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Numerology/Astrology for 8/16/20

8/16/20 is the number 10.
If you add the 8 + 1 + + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 19.
1 + 9 = 10.

It’s my Birthday and I am so grateful to be in the 10/1  New Beginning year! That means I am finally out of the 3 year cycle called the “Dark Night of the Soul”, this very intense personally transformative cycle where you redefine yourself. I think of 3 years ago where I was and then compare it to now and the many new things that I have taken on and tried. How having time has broadened my experiences as I have taken on things that were not my forte. And I learned that I have capacities that I did not realize. I guess an “old dog” can learn new tricks after all. Facing your own fears and embracing your own shadow gives you powers that you cannot understand unless you are willing to let go of your old self and discover that which you have decided you weren’t. Your choices that stop and limit you are illusions of the highest caliber. While each lifetime gives you the DNA and opportunities to expand into new areas. The game of all life is expansion and growth. All those beliefs you hold in your head are lies. Lies told by your ego and mind to keep you safe and to not let you out until there is a level of certainty, confidence, and desire. Because without those, you will fail. And the universe does not want you to fail. It wants you to succeed. It just has a system of checks and balances to make sure that you look before you leap. Though some of you do the reverse. And that is also a part of the plan. Because some things require a tremendous amount of skill to manifest in a way that can have a great impact. Failure is a tool of Success.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Sunday is a dynamic and energetic day. The Sun is in harmony with Mars first thing in the morning setting the stage for the rest of the day. In the evening, then Mercury follows suit as you are going to bed. This day can push through a lot of physical energy. Do something to make your body happy. I know in many places it is very hot right now, temperature wise, but perhaps go swimming. And there are many things you can do that can be cooler like going up to the mountains.
Action is the key and answer to what you are feeling. You know you will need to move to make this energy constructive in its expression. Suppression is going to make you antsy and nervous. So go for it. Accomplish many things and you will feel very satisfied and resourceful. When you get certain things to a state that feels more complete you will feel the stress levels drop. When that happens you feel that you can trust your judgment more and it allows a more free flow to your ideas. It is amazing how much can change with a little confidence.
There is more enthusiasm and a deeper desire for conversations where you support focus, learning, and discussions that are constructive.
Be aware that there are those still out there that want to hurt others with certain conversations. Do not give them the pleasure of upsetting your day. Such people are parasites and feed on the discomfort of others. They are not worthy of your concern at this time. Because they are going down a path that you cannot follow and a path that will take you off your intended karmic journey. Let such people go. Let them go on their merry way. They have to learn things in a method that is not presently correct for you. And that is fine. Know that because Mercury is semisquare to Venus and both of them are in a difficult alignment to Chiron, saying anything might be the wrong thing. Perhaps it is best to say nothing and walk away.
In your world there are huge demands on your time and your sense of responsibility is strong. But know that you also need a personal and private life. You need to get away and have some independence also.
In a world where so many things want to pull you off center, it takes a Herculean effort to stay on track and move things past the familiar and into this new and very uncomfortable world. Remind yourself that you have survived worse moments in past lives and you will survive this moment also.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Failure is a tool
of Success.

~Suzanne Wagner~


60 years ago, I opted to incarnate into this world. It was such a wonderful opportunity to be in this reality and to allow the massive energy within me to dance and play in this complicated emotional “Game of Thrones”.

I look back and I recognize that I do not have any regrets. Things I used to think that I regretted are now revealed to be essential steps in maturity and to break out of simplistic thinking. I recognize that circumstances could not be other than what they were in those moments. When you have limited capacity to choose, then your choices do not manifest or align as you intended.
I recognize that while my intentions have always been for the greater good, my naiveite and wide open heart, did not understand the suffering that this planet can hold for many. Therefore my interactions with others did not produce the outcome that I had hoped.
But that too was perfect.
All part of a greater plan that has been guiding me through this density in a way that I could acquire necessary skills. This world is the greatest game of “Dungeons and Dragons” and much more exciting and interesting.
I intend to live as full of a life as possible in this one incarnation. I plan to learn to play and step past feeling responsible for everyone and everything. I know that I am standing at a doorway that steps me beyond the need for embodiment in this dimension and time. I know that many gifts that I have attempted to share are clearly gifts that this time and place cannot yet entertain. And that is also perfect.

Within each of us is a lineage. A lineage of our “home”. The place where we are carrying essential truths from our reality, dimension, and expression of the light within. I know that it is the duty of each of us to find a way to give as much of that information into this world as possible, so this beautiful planet can transcend this chronic dimension of suffering. But there are so many that are attached to their positions, their pain, and in their need to cause suffering in others in their pursuit of being right.
So what we can manage to embody at this time is not up to what we want to give this world but what this world is ready to receive. Hence many of us have been re-incarnating again and again, in order to continue to complete our mission and share the deepest wisdoms of our home … here.
We are not done. There is still much to share. Timing is everything and for me … clearly …. many things that I consider precious will have to continue to wait for the correct moment in this dimension of linear time.
What I know is that the messages within me require an environment without such hate and cruelty. What I know is that the truths I hold are precious and fragile. They cannot survive in this type of reality and I would do a huge disservice to this planet if I pushed them into this world before they were able to be received.
Great teachers have hidden things in the land and in this world. They also wait for a moment when the right person comes and aligns in such a way that those sacred keys open spontaneously.
I believed that such a time was possible in this lifetime. I have not given up yet, but I recognize a frequency all too familiar. A frequency that moves this world towards more war and conflict. A breakdown rather than a breakthrough. The energy expenditure is the same but the intentions are very different.
I will wait until I see that love, compassion, and a deep desire for peace finally superceeds the egos of mankind. An only then will I give the deeper gifts and truths that are intended to work with the hidden secrets of the great teachers of the past.

You see, a sacred grid was created on this planet to align it to the cosmic unification process. That process can and will wait.
As long as such hate lives in the hearts of so many and corrupts the goodness in this world, then these souls and this planet are not yet mature enough to enable that great expansion.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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  1. Jhordan Nichols 5 months ago

    Happy Birthday Ms. Wagner!!! I read your blog everyday, thanks for all you do!

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