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Numerology/Astrology for 8/17/17
8/17/17 is the number 8. Sadness forces us to grieve in deeply personal ways today. Each person will express those difficult feelings in the way that their nervous system can cope. There is no right way to grieve but expressing those emotions is essential to reclaim a healthy balance. Holding on to such toxic emotions is very damaging to yourself and all those surrounding you. Yet, such emotions can shock the system so strongly that you become paralyzed and frozen in the locked protection of what had been and what may never seem to be. Life has ups and downs. Life is about learning to move through difficult times. Life is about remembering that no matter what the external world does you must move always from your authentic core and when you do that you practice compassion in the face of horror. You move with loving kindness in the face of hatred. And you will grieve. But when you move from that place your grief is a sadness for witnessing the suffering that others are compiling upon themselves that will trap them in karma for a long time to come.
Venus and Jupiter form a square very early in the day, generating sociable but not very disciplined energy. The Moon continues its transit of Gemini until 12:14 PM EDT, you will need to quickly adapt to changes as instability is growing. Do your best to see both sides of a situation. You have to look your own duality directly in the face. You must face the dark shadow that you see in the mirror. Know that there is a lot of communication happening at this time, and you may prefer to skim the surface of issues rather than delve more deeply. But you cannot allow that luxury in such a terrible and tumultuous time. You must see the truth and the horror that this world has been hiding. The Moon gets between the Sun and Uranus this morning, forming sextiles to both, and facilitating you to make connection that you have not been willing to do up to this point. This gives you the energy to leap out of your paralyzed fear and into some form of action. The Moon moves into the sign of Cancer at 12:14 PM, pulling you to seek refuge in familiar places and faces.

~Suzanne Wagner~



The mind is an ocean.
Most people only see the active surface
and where things are easy to see.
While there are deeper layers that lie below
which hide the monsters that prey
on your happiness.
~Suzanne Wagner~

There is a wound in the heart of America
that has been ignored for way too long.
It has rotted and become a gangrene
eating at the heart of all
that was ever good and great about America.
Our county is dying of a cancer of hatred.
As with all such illnesses …
The cure is often more painful than death.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Where in your heart do you need to expand? It is time to take a hard look in the mirror. It is time that you have to honestly evaluate how your actions support complicit passivity that allows horrors to grow or you stand for something. It does not matter what you believe … it matters that what you believe supports love, life, and conscience in this world. Do your beliefs make the world a better place or a place that breeds more fear and hate? If you believe that supporting leaders that intentionally cause separation, hatred, and more suffering deserve to be followed then you are following the wrong path. That is a path that will pull you further and deeper into karma that will manifest in other lives as intense suffering. You will become the victim of what you inflict on others now. You will then be contributing to the continued breakdown of societies, governments and world stability. It is up to you in each and every moment from this moment forward to stand up for something that promotes the healing of hatred. If you cannot or will not then you are responsible for the chaos that will ensue.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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