August 18, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/18/15
August 18th is the number 7. With the astrology going towards balance and the numerology going in the direction of structure, it translates to the importance of finding some new balanced structure for your life to proceed by. I like to think of the number 7 as a number that loves the natural order of things and when that order works and in congruent with your life then things flow smoothly. Finding that perfect balance between form and flow is a constantly changing equation. But today you feel that for at least a moment there seems to be a better rhythm and the structure is holding. The Moon is in the charming sign of Libra all day. This will allow you to feel the most emotional satisfaction when your interactions and environment are felt to be balanced and harmonious. Pleasing others seems very important, making it a good time for any negotiations that seem to arise. Conflicts tend to be avoided or averted today. At the very least they will be resolved in a diplomatic and fair way. You are especially aware of the points of view of others and the opposite side of the coin, which can lead to indecision. However, this evening’s Moon-Pluto square can stimulate feelings that you must manipulate in order to get your way. Venus and Uranus are heading towards an empowering trine aspect, exact midday tomorrow, and tonight. I hope you can feel some of its mind-opening energy.
~Suzanne Wagner~
A fool’s paradise is a wise man’s hell.

~Thomas Fuller~

Whew! Just when you think that it might slow down a bit, there is one more trigger that pops to the surface. How often I felt (when I was younger) that life was a paradise. Now older and just more present with the truth of each moment, I see that the reality is much more complex than previously perceived through the foolish lens of my limited sight and naiveté of youth. There is bliss in the simplistic view of life when you are in your own narrow bubble of constructed reality. It takes great skill and courage to step out of your “safe” zone and to be willing to see outside your experience and into another’s perspective. More often than not it is quite frightening. But that is the truth and that is required in the process of awakening. Would I go back? Never! Do I smile knowingly at the innocent perspective and dreams of so many still happily in their bubble? Yes, constantly! I know that you are not ready until you are ready. And it is unfair to break someone’s bubble when they are happily unaware of the complex reality swirling just outside. Today, look at where someone is at before you open your mouth and potentially shatter his or her bubble. Let them be in that world until they themselves are ready to step through the looking glass.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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