August 17, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 8/18/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/18/16

8/18/16 is the number 8. Taking an honest look to the things and places that have wounded us in the past and then learning the lessons from them but then letting them go is always a challenging thing to do. When you do not absorb the lesson from the event on a deep and core level then it becomes even more difficult to let the past be the past and allow for the wound to heal. In this moment you are being asked again to take a look at the wound affecting you right now and integrate the lesson so that wound can heal. Something is asking to be healed and let go. Something is asking for your love and acceptance so it can move forward rather than be constantly dragged back into the past patterns of suffering. It is now about having compassion for yourself. It is now about giving permission for something to heal and to allow forward progression to happen naturally. You can learn the lesson and let the wound go. If you are afraid that if you forget the event then you will not remember the lesson then know that that is just a trick from your mind. Integration allows for the past to disappear and discover that in the end what is important is the lesson and that it is the lesson that will remain. There is a partial lunar eclipse happening Thursday night and it will be in Aquarius. The moon will pass behind our planet and our shadow will eclipse the Moon barely. Now even though this is not a full eclipse and many may not see it at all the effect will still be there. Aquarius is a sign of detachment and the Moon is about emotions so this eclipse is asking you to detach from negative emotions that no longer serve who you are becoming. It is about choosing to step into your life in a way that expands your humanitarian view. We are after all in the Age of Aquarius and this was intended for each of us to awaken to our higher self and our higher calling. Those who are not in alignment will potentially become very upset and angry because of the huge shift that they will suddenly see that they need to do. That can be traumatic and upsetting to those who are constantly seeking a problem. Once there is no longer a problem to get upset about with others you are left with yourself and your own issues. So often, we blame others to push the energy of responsibility away from ourself. This eclipse will put that emotion squarely back in to the place where it actually belongs and to some people that may be a hugely upsetting realization. A Full Moon occurs this morning in the sign of Aquarius. Just a warning there is a series of eclipses falling along the Leo-Aquarius axis is on its way over the next few months. This is a potent time of emotional discovery. This is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon. It is an emotional time–a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships. The Leo Sun is proud and intensely individualistic, not content with simply being just one of the team. The Aquarius Moon, while individualistic as well, values independence and the “team”, and with this Full Moon falling along the Leo-Aquarius axis, this conflict internally and externally is going to illuminate many areas of your life. You are reminded to pay attention to your needs for friendship and community, as well as the deep desire to be impartial and objective. You cannot lose sight of the larger goals and your need to give back to the community or group that supports your growth and development. New discoveries about your friends and community can emerge now. The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 12:35 PM EDT, after which it moves through the sign of Pisces, stimulating your need for some form of emotional escape.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Have you looked at your own eyes in the mirror recently? Have you seen the hidden longing peaking out at you? Have you confronted the fear in those eyes that still stops you from your potential? And have you allowed those eyes to soften and really let your soul be seen?
~Suzanne Wagner~



When someone is in pain they will seek any way to get out of that pain. Often they have to find an excuse for what they are feeling. It is not that what they are feeling is not true, it is just that what they are feeling is a result of their history and patterns of wounding that have happened in their life. Often a hurt person will project the past hurt out into the present circumstance and actually be reliving a past event overlaying a present upset. Know that each of us have done this a lot. There is no judgment, there is only the desire to help each person become more aware and stay in the present fully and to stop overlaying past events into the present. Your life will become much less upsetting and complicated if you do this. Life is difficult enough but when you add in all this other stuff it not only becomes downright confusing but it makes you consistently miserable and depressed. You will think the world is out to get you when it is only attempting to make you more aware of the pattern you are doing and make yourself awaken to what is the past, what is the future, and to learn to constantly bring yourself back into this present moment.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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