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Numerology/Astrology for 8/18/19

8/18/19 is the number 2. Enclose those you love with warm arms and smiles. You never know how long any of us have to share with each other. Do not let the duality of the information coming into your life divide your heart. Love is love, no matter what. You can love things that are different than you, because I believe that love is a choice. Each moment you choose to love regardless of circumstances. That does not mean you have to agree to love. You do not need to explain to love. You do not need to justify what you are feeling to love. Love just is. It is timeless. It is the energy that connects all things. It is the energy the returns us home. And it is the energy that allows us to find each other life time after life time.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

This is a somewhat easier week but there is a subtle change in tone occurring. The seasons are beginning to change and there is that anticipation in the air. Something is coming quickly, so you had better get your playtime in and finish up tasks that need to be done.

The Aries Moon keeps you moving. Take time to get physical. Let your confidence soar and just know that if you let yourself go into brooding, it may be no fun at all.

Mars moves into Virgo and this planet of energy will be there till October 4th. You may be dealing with things more and more intellectually as time progresses. Logic becomes important and reasoning even more so. You feel a passion for accuracy and it will pay off in the end. Just remember to love those around you even when the external circumstances get busy. Think twice before you say anything and remember to lead with your compassion.

With Jupiter Semi-sextile Saturn, do your best to not get in the middle of another’s business.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Ode to Robert Arbogast

May you fly free
and dance in the stars
till we all get there
to dance
once again
with you.

To my dear friend, who I danced with in Ballet West.
~Suzanne Wagner~







In Memory of a dear Friend
For you Bob

Dancing in the light I felt the freedom of flight with you.
Laughing with you for eternity and remembering your wit and charm.
Appreciating your openness and support in the times of struggle.
Knowing that deep caring that you felt for so many things.
Wishing you were still with us all
Hoping for more time with you in another incarnation.
Sending you love as you journey to the other side.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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