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Numerology/Astrology for 8/19/19

8/19/19 is the number 3. Reflect on those positive things that have inspired you and made a difference in your life. Notice that those things sometimes include people that have greatly impacted  you in small and large ways. Appreciate them while they are in your life. Life is short, time is of the essence, and joy is always within hands reach. You just have to be willing to reach in those difficult moments. I find that this is the number of willingness. You have to be willing to step beyond the past history and the stories that you have told yourself. You have to be willing to see the positive lessons in difficult times. You have to be willing to discover the precious moments that will remind you why you are here and why you are alive.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Mercury in Leo is here to give everyone some much needed confidence.

With the Moon in Aries bringing a snippy energy into the mix remember to be nice at all costs. This combination could make for a great comedy of errors. You might want to right down what happens or some key words. They could be very funny.

The Moon in Aries trines Mercury in Leo bringing awakening to the mind and hidden talents more into the forefront. Allow the quick and reasonable qualities of this combination to help you focus and be quick on your feet.

The Moon in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn. While this can bring obstacles up it can also bring a great deal of control and restraint to those same situations. Know that some can be very sad and depression is a result of this emotional pattern. While it may seem that there are no good choices in this moment, there is always a door that you cannot find until you are further along the path.

The Moon in Aries trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. And this can be helpful in finding some measure of success. A positive attitude helps everything in life. Generosity always helps bring optimism back into you mind, emotions, and state of being.

All in all, things are very real and yet they do feed something inside that knows that spending too much time on the self can be an avoidance of life.

Take a moment to choose a fresh start. Make life a better balance between connection, fairness, togetherness, sharing, and support for yourself and each other.
~Suzanne Wagner~


You are light moving through linear time.
You are thought, desire, and dreams merging.
You are the dream awakening.
You are love manifesting.

~Suzanne Wagner~







Managed to get my beautiful “Golden Oldies” off to home and on the plane. It was a trip that you know makes a difference in the ethers. A time well spent with friends and loved ones. A time when the eternal nature of what is really important becomes crystal clear. It is the laughter and love that carries us home. It is the connections that feed and inspire us. It is that reminder that none of us can do it alone. And it is such awareness that lives forever in time.
Now that that adventure is over, it is time to turn my attention to the great loss of a dear friend, Bob Arbogast. There are people that touch you and change you forever. Such people bring a smile to your face as you remember the moments of failure (when he dropped me in the last lift of Waltz of the Flowers, in Nutcracker), the moments of joy (watching him play the lead in Stars in Stripes with Stacy Swaner), moments of laughter (when crazy moments happen backstage), moments of depth (when Mathew Degnan died traveling to Aspen for the Ballet West Summer Program), the moments of being on tour with Ballet West for Children (and having to get up early to dance on tiny stages in schools to support the arts in children, while desperate for coffee). The memories are all flooding back and all of them bring a smile to my face.
In that flood you see no bad moments, only amazing experiences that deepen your understanding of life. There is only deep and abiding gratitude for the moments that were shared fully without any thoughts of holding back. Those are the raw and real moments of youth.

But those moments are magnified in a ballet company because everyone is forever stretching and on their edge. There is no real “I” in a ballet company. You are surrounded by those of great artistic skill, dedication, and depth. From the stage crews who make the amazing sets, to the teams that set things up and take them down, to the orchestra and the amazing talents that they express through music, to the costume designers and seamstresses, to the choreographers that attempted to put into motion, feelings, expressions, and possibilities. Ballet companies are a hive of artistic temperament, flow, creativity, and stretching. No one person is solely responsible for the beauty you see on a ballet stage. The applause go out to everyone that has worked so hard to bring a moment of beauty and light into the darkness of the human soul. We are all one heart working towards something of beauty and transcendence.

And now in this moment of grief, I can still feel that powerful connection to all those that made me who I am. Made me beautiful. Made me magical. And made me able to bring my heart and soul into a form that hopefully blessed and delighted others.
Thank you Bob for being such a large part of that moment in time. Thank you for being there in all the moments of pain and pleasure. Thank you for delighting me with your skill, finesse, and playful honesty. Thank you for bringing so much into this world. Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for helping me find out who I was.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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