August 20, 2017

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/21/17
8/21/17 is the number 3. It is an exciting day. So many will be looking outside of their own inner upsets and towards the external magic of the eclipse. Make this a positive day filled with spiritual wonder and connection to others. Drive carefully and know that there is a bit of a fractured and fragmented energy during an eclipse. Pay attention and enjoy the excitement.

Solar eclipse trine Uranus makes this an exciting eclipse phase. The energy, ambition and initiative of Regulus will bring success in new ventures. You will have the power and confidence to make daring changes in your life. You can change your appearance to stand out from the crowd, taking pride in what makes you different than everyone else.

Higher self-awareness, increased intuition and flashes of insight will lead to self-discovery and revelations. Solar eclipse August 2017 will energize you to complete your goals and set ambitious new personal and professional goals.

This is an excellent solar eclipse to change destructive or outdated behaviors such as prejudices and addictions. A strong desire to succeed together with self-pride will break bad habits and provide unexpected new interests and hobbies to replace them.

Greater freedom and curiosity will help you leave your comfort zone and widen your social circle. You will meet extraordinary people from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds than yourself. While meeting new people and initiating change in your life will come naturally, conscious effort is needed to follow through on your plans for the future.

Uranus will free up some of the limitations that have been placed on the Donald Trump presidency. This will allow implementation of some of his more unconventional policy proposals. He may have some success in finding unexpected peace settlements for long standing wars.

New moon solar eclipse August 2017 at 28°52′ Leo Sign falls very near to the brightest star of Leo Constellation. The Heart of the Lion is one of the most important and most powerful stars in astrology. It brings success but danger of loss. The other main influence on solar eclipse new moon August 2017 is a helpful trine aspect to Uranus, the planet of change and excitement.

Fixed star Regulus is independant, proud, confident, frank, brave, militant and violent. While open minded and generous, Regulus wants conquer and rule, to leave his mark before a successful challenger claims the throne. A solar eclipse with Regulus gives success, power, authority, influence, honor and wealth. However, envy and hatred form enemies can lead to trouble, violence and downfall.

Regulus and Mars were rising on the eastern horizon when Donald Trump was born. Therefore, solar eclipse August 2017 should bring success due to his ambitious initiatives. An increase in his power and authority will not please his enemies. If you are one of Donald Trump’s enemies you should be running by now. However, a solar eclipse on Regulus linked to Uranus could well trigger revolt, revolution, overthrows of heads of state, military coups and political or lethal assassination.
~Astrology King~

The Solar Eclipse in late Leo occurs this morning if you are in Pacific time, pointing to new beginnings and challenges that set you along a new path regarding the themes of confidence, creativity, romance and dating, games, sports, recreation, speculation, hobbies, or children. With this potent Leo energy, you have the chance to make progressive changes in your life over the coming weeks, months, and years. For some of you, circumstances are such that you may need to pay more attention to certain essential matters. You are encouraged to let go of the past in a significant way so that you can move forward. The Moon enters Virgo at 4:25 PM EDT, stimulating your desire to take care of business, and with Mars and Saturn moving towards a trine, you have a constructive attitude on your side. Eclipses can stimulate impulsiveness, and this aspect helps moderate this tendency.
~Suzanne Wagner~



When did we create a world
where the news knocked
the wind out of you every day?
~Suzanne Wagner~


I wish for this world a change for the good.
A change that brings illumination and the awareness that we could.
I choose to bring the darkness inside into the light.
I wish for a world with a peace that becomes so bright,
That it inspires others to reach new heights.
And shows that when you hold love very tight,
That you find a way through the darkness and dream
Of a world that can change terrible situations and regimes.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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