August 1, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 8/2/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/2/16

8/2/16 is the number 10. How can each of us step out of what is upsetting us and step into a place of love and compassion. First it will not happen until you do this for yourself first. Take a moment to feel into your wounded self and give yourself the attention and love that is necessary for a positive shift and outcome in your future. Upsets are designed to make us grow and evolve. Change is necessary in all things and it is time to make some conscious adjustments in your outer world. Mars enters Sagittarius today and will transit the sign until September 27th. Mars had transited Sagittarius from March 5th to May 27th, but due to retrograde motion, retreated back into Scorpio. This has created a lot of upset in the emotional realm for man. It has stirred up a complicated, quagmire of emotional chaos and upset, forcing each of us to take responsibility for our feelings and choices. None of which is easy to look at in moments. But now with Mars finally moving back into Sagittarius it will give us some forward momentum to make shift and step beyond our pain and upset. It allows us to put things into a better perspective and step out to hurt and into forgiveness. Until August 22nd, Mars will cover the degrees of Sagittarius it transited during its retrograde and you may be revisiting some past issues with new energy or perspective. With a Sagittarius Mars, your actions are motivated by your beliefs. You might be bothered by routine, quickly becoming restless if you feel confined. You have a love of adventure, and of conquest. Try to use it to the highest end and in a way that allows for support of your soul as a whole and for healing of deep and old pain. You start projects or challenges with gusto, although you may abandon them rather quickly, which may be because your choice is not founded in as strong of a position as you previously thought. Waking up to the truth of a matter and seeing that you have made a mountain out of a molehill is a hard pill to swallow. The Moon is in Leo all day, and a New Moon occurs this afternoon at 4:45 PM EDT. It’s an opportune time for creating Leo-related goals. You might concentrate on new ways to enhance your romantic life, creative endeavors and hobbies, and relationship with children. You have the chance to breathe into a new life if you are willing to look honestly at what your intention is.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“Fear is the energy that contracts. Love is the energy that expands.”


Defending Your Life – Overcoming Fear


Today, I wondered if this dimension is about learning to break out of fear. That this whole place is a test to see if you can transcend the base reality and density that claws at your soul from so many angles. What if this planet was created to help us move through that emotion and that fear will forever be in existence here and so there is nothing to fix? That this is a perfect place to experience a full range of emotions and experiences through sensation. And then the realization comes when you understand how perfect it is and allow it to be a domain of teaching and instruction on learning to see beyond your emotional body and into your higher self. Once that is complete you get to move into the next level of expression and experience. I don’t know. It is just a crazy thought.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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