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Numerology/Astrology for 8/2/21

8/2/21 is the number = 15

Add the 8 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 15. Or 1 + 5 = 6.

How do we move from drama to calm? How do we not let life take us on a ride that we don’t want? It is all about knowing who you are and what we are here to do. Then we make choices that are based on things being in alignment with the self. When we know our core and we recognize the consequences for our actions then we can make choices congruently and without confusion.

If we are at peace inside, then we will make choices that promote that peace outside. If we are at war with our essential self and our ego intends to resist the truth that seeks to be expressed, then we will make war in the outer world also. The game is all about having such strong calm within that others around us also feel that calmness and that alone can allow another’s authentic self to emerge.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues in Taurus until before we wake up and then it moves into the talkative and communication oriented, social sign of Gemini.

Then Mercury (Gemini’s ruling planet) trines Chiron. It is a doorway to a more open energy and one that is finally willing to learn something new and different.

Just remember to communicate from a more constructive place and be as authentic as possible.

Even those tough conversations seem to be open to engage in a very real way.

Be awake and aware to the rare opportunity this provides and approach this moment with reverence and wonder.
It seems that finally it is less about picking the perfect words and instead feeling into the heart of another.
Use this to feel good about who you are now and who others are evolving into also.
Venus and Uranus add some good juju to an already improving day. It feels finally wonderful to be seen for our deeper self rather than speaking all the words so carefully as to not offend.
Invigorated into a new place know that it feels wonderful to try new things and just improvise if needed.
Things seem a bit more detached and because of that we can appreciate things of beauty with more joy and openness.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Moms are the source of love and light.

Moms are the peace tucked in at night.

She is the ocean of experience so vast.

She is the gift that promises to last.

She is the emotional turmoil of past pains and wounds.
She is the forgiveness that cocoons.
Moms love even when we lash out and push back.
Moms show us that all is forgiven even the qualities we lack.

How can we really understand and appreciate?
How can we love and not retaliate?
We forget that there will be a moment in the future to come.
That we will regret withholding when we were so young.

Now is the time to tell her how much she meant.
Say it now instead of later to lament.

~Suzanne Wagner~


August 1st is the day we celebrate our mothers in ancient times. The first harvest time out of three in the old feminine cultures.

So today, I got together with my women friends and we shared the stories of our mother’s. Most of them have their mother’s peacefully on the other side but myself and another woman both have our mother’s still here.

It was a beautiful ceremony to share stories of our past with the insights and perspectives that we now have from a more mature vantage point.

I share what arose from me in my meditation today. Enjoy!

Those were the crazy days.
The ones that made me so afraid.
The ones where she took too many pills.
I feel myself knocking on her door still.

So afraid that she would be gone.
Such unknowns as darkness dawned.
I remember trying to promise to God.
I remember feeling that so much was a fraud.

Dad’s don’t come in when women cry.
Dad’s leave until women’s eyes are dry.
They cannot cope with what they do not know.
They cannot help if they refuse to go.

Mom, you were a confusion of power and pain.
Mom, you felt weak when you demanded in vain.
Mom, you saw the dream in my heart.
Mom, you protected my child because yours never got to start.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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