August 21, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 8/22/19 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/22/19


8/22/19 is the number 6. Let your spiritual side feel into the flow that will give you the balance that you need at this time in your life. Be grateful for all you have had in this life and all that is still being given at any point in time. This is the number of gratitude and appreciation to the higher powers that support this life’s work and journey. Recognize that all paths are spiritual by nature. There is always something to learn and expand. You can never fully understand that path that is your life without the ability to become reflective, observant, and discerning. It is more often than not, after the fact that the brilliance of the sacred geometry of your life becomes clear. There is clearly something of great intelligence manifesting situations in your  life to help you see past your mind and into the bigger heart of what life is really about.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The focus today, with the Moon in conjunction with Saturn is to be conscientious in your work. You finally feel as if you have enough energy to see a project through.

The Moon in Taurus trines Saturn in Capricorn while you are deeply asleep. But listen to the ideas in those dreams. There is a moment of clarity where something of importance can come through.

Later in the evening, your playful and artistic side will move into the forefront. Let your imagination run wild. Some of those ideas might just work. Make a list.

The Moon squares Mercury in Taurus giving choices and decisions a more serious edge. Consider things carefully before doing them.

The Moon sextile Neptune, making facing personal self-development issues a priority. Education is the key. You can use this energy to combine your intuition with your determination.

The Moon in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn. You might feel more vulnerable than you wish to show but know that it is that vulnerability that brings your authentic self into the forefront so that others can see who you truly are. You are nostalgic and very sentimental. Probably because things are obviously shifting into new places.

There is a minor square between the Sun and Saturn making you feel a bit confined or it might just help you to focus.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The Revolution for Freedom

I am the heart of what is right.
I know the soul of what is wrong.
I am the choice that freedom calls
I demand life for all.
I am relentless in settling the score.
I am loud and cannot be ignored.
I am what beats in the pulse of time.
I want all life to reclaim what is divine.
I will not stop until I find,
What is truth and what is kind.
I am the revolution that is calling you.
I am the part that will see it through.
I am change calling you to choose.
I stand against those that abuse.
I am a movement that cannot be stopped.
I am reform that will not be dropped.
I am a rampage of truth and light.
I hold firm and will stand and fight.
I will gift you the liberation you seek.
I show you the way when it feels bleak.
I will burn that tower to the ground.
Until only freedom can be found.
~Suzanne Wagner~







I am a radical.
The thought that anticipates
the patterns bombarding this world.
I am the energy that knows
when the old no longer holds
the proper reflections
of the evolving consciousness.
I am here to break foundations
that no longer hold truth.
I am the liberator of oppression.
The ignitor of potential.
The illuminator of possibility.
I am the uncontrolled potential
within the limitations of form.
I am the joyful liberator
of hearts and minds.
I am the essence of freedom
seeking a new form.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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