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Numerology/Astrology for 8/22/20

8/22/20 is the number 7.
If you add the 8 + 2 + + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 16.
1 + 6 = 7.
Without structure (the number 7) things in this world would not be able to stand up against this earth’s gravity. It is the structures that you build up in your life that support the continued growth and changes necessary for you to remain and evolve in this dimension.
When your bones start to break down in old age it is a marker of the beginning of a dying process.
When rules and laws of a society are not adhered to, it is the beginning of the collapse of a government and a civilization.
When you do not protect the wildlife of this planet, it is the beginning of another great extinction.
When you are not willing to learn and expand your mind, it is the beginning of cognitive decline.
Take a look at what is beginning to collapse and the structures around you that are beginning to decline.
It is a warning.
It does not need to be a fact.
But you will have to do something drastic to shift the trajectory of this structure that has been built brick by brick.
Sometimes you have to use your own structure to support another structure before it collapses. Sometimes you have to use everything you have to give a failing structure a chance to rebuild and stabilize.
There are moments when you need structures that bring in more depth and height.
But this moment in history requires us to go wide and create a foundation that is broad enough to include everyone and everything. We will see if we can manage to do that before the Tower collapses to the ground.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Sun is in the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo. Figuring out how to put all the pieces together is a critical process for the next month. While the world feels like a massive game of “pick-up sticks”, you also have some very practical concerns that are coming into your awareness quickly. The details of life take prominence and you might feel as if you are running towards a finish line and everything is getting thrown in your path to trip you up and delay that completion. There seems to be no end to the bits of unfinished things to address and deal with. It just seems to never end.
Just keep on chipping away at it all.
There is always an end somewhere.
Isn’t it interesting how we feel now that we are doing more than ever before. The Mayan, Tibetan, and Hopi calendars spoke of this accelerated time after 2013 and they were not wrong.
In one day, each of us is doing much more than before with less rest and relaxation. The things that used to give us a breather and a break are not happening (such as Zumba, Ballet Barre, Yoga, Meditation Classes, Pedicures, Massages). Those things have been replaced by the projects that have needed to get done and they are a way that we maintain sanity, focus, and feel accomplished. Because things in our government are continuing to be blocked and unchanging, it seems we all need to make many small changes in our world to feel as if we are progressing.
Compliment yourself on your detail work and your organizational skills. Really look at all the things you have managed to accomplish that have needed to get done for years and how now you are getting them done.
You all deserve a cookie and a hug for your effort.
Notice how you have rediscovered a missing part of yourself.
You are finding joy in this world on a very different level.
You are trying to serve others and your routines have changed into more healthy behaviors.
The Moon rests in Libra and so there is a desire to not push but to do the things that help maintain equilibrium. While that is going to be more difficult than you anticipate, just remember that you have proven what you are capable of handling in a major world crisis!
You got this!
Some of the people that you are in relationship with, are reeling from the continued stresses and truths that are unraveling the dogma and beliefs of the past.
So be kind and don’t act like a “know-it-all”.
If you handle things the wrong way, you will seem impatience and reactivity come back at you. Remember, passions are high and arrogance and indifference is going to make things worse … not better.
There is a Moon-Mars opposition that makes you feel as if you have less control than you want. It is designed to stir things up. You are going to have action, activity and challenges at every turn. Emotionally you don’t want to feel this moment but it is designed to orient you in another direction.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The blue jays are annoyed and upset.
Disturbed they remind us of what we forget.
They want … what they want.
They yell and taunt.
They make their position loud and clear.
They tell it to the ravens who only laugh and jeer.
Just because you are very loud.
Does not mean that you should be proud.
What you want is not absolute.
Being obnoxious only leads to dispute.

~Suzanne Wagner~



I will not
wait patiently for others
to define my reality.
I will not
be quiet while some intend
to destroy this world.
I will not
stand back and allow politicians
to dismantle democracy.
I will not

play favorites because of
someone’s color or ethnicity.
I will not
listen to repeated lies
without speaking out.
I will not
let my soul be tarnished
by the destructive hate of others.
I will not
be blind to what is
happening to democracy.
I will not
help the wealthy dismantle
the laws and institutions
that promote equality.

I will
hold truth in my heart and
protect it with all I have.
I will
help others who are suffering
at the hands of egomaniacs.
I will
care for those afraid and
those needing support in this world.
I will
practice compassion and kindness
on a level that expands my capacity to love.
I will
stand with you when
the going gets tough.
I will
hold your hand and together
we will walk into a new and
uncharted world.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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  1. michael 8 months ago

    I must have been having a loving moment for you walked through as though you belonged. I will …. wait until I know if I can wield a social sword to cut the ground that neither they nor I perceive harm done.

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