August 22, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/23/15
August 223rd is the number 3. So you might feel the waves of positive and negative as your life takes on the look and feel of a wild ride. But there is change in the air. Movement is happening. You can see what needs to be done and you have the willingness to do it. It will feel as if the resistance is out of the way and a type of surrender into the process is taking effect. So let go and let the new wave take you in a totally different direction than you expect. Discover the enthusiasm in the newness and enjoy the flow as we all together begin to obviously move in the direction of the fall. Mercury forms a semi-square with Mars half an hour into the day, and you will feel the mental energy increases. You may be inclined to rush or force things. The Moon is in Sagittarius all day and while there can be a strong emotional desire to get away the Sun moves into practical Virgo this morning, and You value attention to routine. The Sun transits Virgo until September 23rd. Your focus shifts to the pieces of the puzzle – the little details of your life. It is now time to take care of practical concerns. Tending to the details of everyday life may not sound like loads of fun, but it can certainly free you from unnecessary stress that results from “collecting” odds and ends of unfinished business. This is an ideal time to get organized, to do detail work, and to improve communications on the job.
~Suzanne Wagner~


The farther backward you can look the farther forward you will see.

~Winston Churchill~
Today, reflect on how far you have come. Reflect on the growth that you have accomplished. Offer up that suffering you have experienced to the universe and let the light of the sun fill you with energy, love, and joy. Our life can be an Eden right now if you opened your heart to the life that surrounds and connects all of us. When you focus on the negative and the hurt within yourself and this world it magnifies that pain. If you focus on doing one small thing to help those around you, then a circle of love and trust builds up and the doorways of infinite energy open to you. Shared love creates more love. Shared joy creates more joy. What do you want to create more of today?
~Suzanne Wagner~

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