August 22, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 8/23/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/23/16

8/23/16 is the number 4. Neutrality might be a bit hard to come by today but I would say this number 4 is a suggestion to keep in mind as you try to deal with both Mars and Saturn today. With those two pushy planets finding a balance when many things are attempting to make you move in forceful ways can be difficult. Of course there is always a way to blend force with balance. Gymnasts are very good at this as well as many athletes. But it takes practice so see this energy today as a practice moment. Mars sesquiquadrate Uranus early today may stimulate restlessness and give you a desire to take risks and to act on sudden impulses without considering consequences. However, Mars is moving towards a conjunction with Saturn, exact tomorrow morning. These two big Bad Boys of the zodiac can combine in ways that are energizing (which I recommend) or can get a bit testy with each other. Just notice which way they might be nudging you. My suggestion for you is to take practical action with them or to fill a responsibility that you notice needs acting upon. A stronger sense of purpose and direction can come to you as the day advances. The Moon is in steady Taurus all day, highlighting your desire for predictability and comfort.
~Suzanne Wagner~


In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.
~George Orwell~



One of my big mottos is, “What opens love?” It is that simple. Do you notice if what you say and speak opens love or shuts love down? People have an evolutionary pattern that they need to go through where they feel this deep need to say what they feel in every moment. They feel better because what they are actually doing is a form of dumping the stressful energy out of their body and through a creative process of “getting rid” of it internally by releasing it externally. Now, of course they feel better. They are no longer holding the energy. But do you notice the impact of what that energy does to others? When you let raw energy out your mouth it is a type of “birthing”. What you say when it leaves your mouth has a life of its own at that point. I teach workshops and I consistently see people who cathartically release energy and then that energy begins to run around the workshop space and those vulnerable to that belief or pattern will pick it up and begin to magnify the energy by adding their own 2 cents into the mix. That type of pattern can create a “shit storm” is an office or space because most people are very unconscious about the fact that everything you say or do is part of the creation that is manifesting in your life. You are constantly creating what is happening in your life and body with the words and actions you choose to release out into the world. Now, please let me be clear. You can release things but not do it in such a way that they are “infected words” acting like a “thought virus” out in the world. You can do that a couple of ways. One way is to just do it alone. When you are by yourself, you can scream and yell. In your car, get really pissed off and let loose, etc. When you do it alone in a conscious way you can release the energy and when you stay conscious with what you are saying and are really listening to your words as they come out, you can begin to unravel your own distortion and lie. Most upsets are about a belief that you hold inside that you want to be true but in actually it not. Often you are missing a key piece of information or the universe is attempting to get you to see the lie and so it keeps creating the physical problem over and over again until you stop doing the obsessive/addictive behavior that might feel good in the short run, but in the long run is actually contributing to the problem. The other way is to say it but in a totally conscious and responsible way, such as; “Okay, right now what you just said is bringing up huge amounts of anger in me right now and I am trying to stay present with this energy. I am willing to own and hold my own anger and I recognize that anger is life-force energy that is displaced or has been shoved into shadow. I know that I am so uncomfortable with my own life-force energy that right now I want to spew it all over everyone but I am not going to do that. I am going to attempt to hold it and allow my own anger to teach me. I am attempting to allow that energy to totally fill me up and teach me where I am off. I know that I am not going to do this well and so right now I need you to give me permission to be angry and I need you to not pick it up because if I am in reaction it is about me. You happen to be a trigger right now but I am trying to act responsibly with my own energy and learn a new way. Is that going to be okay with you? Are you willing to witness this energy without taking it on?” Then if they are okay with it (and not all people are), you allow yourself to be seen in your most raw and ugly self and discover the emotion that the anger is hiding. It is often weakness, insecurity, and a feeling of not being good enough. It is amazing how different your personal interactions will become when you learn to shift how you express a feeling in a conscious and responsible way. Most of us just want to vent, fume, be validated, and dump emotions on others so we are “rid” of them. But what happens is that they bounce back to us in the most inappropriate ways when we least expect them and when we are at a weak point energetically and physically because the universe is trying to teach you that you cannot disown what you feel but you also cannot infect others with your perceptive slant unconsciously without getting “your” energy coming back to you also in an inappropriate way. What you give out and how you give it out either “opens love” in others or it is a thought virus that ignites others prejudices, fears, issues, and dysfunction. The first one will give back to you beautiful things because it is expanding love the other will give back to you exactly what you have given out often in a stronger and magnified way quickly because the universe is attempting to teach you about karma, action and consequence.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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