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Numerology/Astrology for 8/23/19

8/23/19 is the number 7. It is clear today, that there has to be some new structures put into place that will shift this balance of destruction towards something that is life-affirming. It is a day when you should go out and plant some trees. I suggest one tree for each year of your life. Perhaps such noble notions can begin to undo the damage being done in this world. While I am presently in Utah working, I intend to do just that once I get home. And remember the “plan” to plant trees that can thrive in your environment. The number 7 reminds us that from this point on we need to really look at our choices with much more attention to the small details. All of our actions now have ramifications that impact this world. Make the choice to not harm nature in any way from this point on. She has suffered enough.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

On Friday we enter into the sign of Virgo. The positive side of this sign is the neatness, diligence, ability to connect with the earth, and to get organized. Plans help you survive in times of chaos.

Friday reflects the talkative nature of the Moon in the idea-sign Gemini. The twins are great for inspiring you to take on quick projects and errands. Expect your deep focus to be less acute. Your mind and spirit are curious and want to develop in ways that allows for your keen intelligence to be seen and expressed. You desire to find a way to communicate that perhaps are new and innovative but inspired by your intuition.

Difficulties may still arise in this time of a half Moon. Your emotions are split naturally as we are in Gemini but the divide in life seems even more extreme than you expected.

The Moon in Gemini squares Venus in Virgo. You will notice that the emotional intensity continues from yesterday. Tensions are noticed in your spiritual and physical family. Remember, some are just not ready to have certain conversations because they have not resolved some important things inside first. This is not the time to push. Do not allow a quarrel to shift the mood out of love. It is never worth it. Be delicate in how you say things and in how you move through this day. Remember, others are hurting also.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We are here to bear
witness to a tragedy.
A death of an ideal.
A funeral to our innocence.
We are here to recognize
the horror of the secrets
of the powerful.
The unspeakable suffering
that has happened
on our watch by those
with no moral character
only greed for power and wealth.
We are here to dive into
the emotional catharsis
that has been denied
a natural path to liberation.
We are here to finally
tell the truth that we have
never wanted to know.
We are here to reveal what
actually has occurred.
Not the fluffed up stories
that the powerful fed us
to keep us tasting
something sweet.
Now, we bite into
the bitterness of truth.
The sharpness of our denial.
And the shocking heat
of the burn that awakens us
from our slumber.
~Suzanne Wagner~







Connections from times past never leave. Circumstances change. Life gets busy. But what is eternal are those moments of connection. You meet people from the past and you see that they have changed. Life changes all of us, molds us, shapes us, and wounds us. But somewhere underneath all that experience is still that person you remember.
If you can still recall that essence of who someone was, you hold a key to that part of them. Knowing that, I then try to rekindle that self to come back out. Into the light of hope and remembrance. Into that place of the potential that you know. Never let life stiffen your heart or steal your soul. There is a place where your soul lives on. Regardless of circumstances or hurts. That is who you really are. Everything else is just a series of events that were meant to teach you more compassion. Some forget that the most important thing is to have compassion for yourself. And that is really what hardens the hearts and buries the soul in shadow.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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