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Numerology/Astrology for 8/24/17
8/24/17 is the number 6. Yes, there is a momentary pause and because of that I would take advantage of this moment to breathe and make a shift to prepare for what is to come. What that is, no one knows. This cycle is clearly about a level of intensity that is beyond anything anyone has experienced. There has never been such a strong test of center on such a global level in this lifetime. Regardless, you are a part of a powerful moment in history. Take a look at how your actions might be perceived in the future and ask the question, “Will you be content and proud of your position now or will your choices and actions haunt you as you move forward?” Each person is here to learn. Notice what you are learning. Today’s number indicates that things need to be looked at from a position that is beyond ego and choices need to come from a spiritual space and perspective.
Yes, you may think that all the intensity of the eclipse is over but it is not. This week you might feel as if some tension is off the situations but we have lots of planets that next week will hit the degree of that eclipse and when they do the impact of the eclipse will come up again through the filter of that planets actions and intentions. Eclipses are about disrupting the normal order of things and it is through what is revealed in the shadows that the clarity and insights shift. The Solar Eclipse on the 21st was in Leo and this sign is about an opening of the heart. The Lunar Eclipse was in Aquarius and it is the sign of community, altruism, and organization. While I know so many want this cycle to open our hearts (and for some I believe that will be true) there is a big possibility that this cycle will show you where your heart is closed and locked. It is a big step to have the self-awareness to recognize where you are closed and then to find where you can open so that you can gather wisdom and learn to apply that to your life. In each of us our soul is needing to grow and that requires diligence and effort.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Not everyone will agree with you.
Listen to them anyway.
Not everyone will love who you are.
Love them back with an open
and compassionate heart.
Not everyone will be honest.
Tell the truth regardless of how
much power they have or
how much they wish to silence you.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I look to the land and recognize that nature is stronger that all this human hate.
She has repeatedly taken the destruction of her lands and brought them back again and again.
She has her ways of bringing the balance back.
And humanity lives in the illusion that they are so powerful.
What is power is patience.
What is power is the ability to take total destruction and make new life.
What is power is Mother Nature’s understanding that life and death is a process of this planet and that all things have a time and that all things will end.
What is eternal is the creative expression that nature has to take the worst it is gives and still make something beautiful and miraculous out of it.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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