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Numerology/Astrology for 8/24/19

8/24/19 is the number 8. Today, is a day of grief, loss, and sadness. Take a good long look at all that we have lost in this moment. The reality of that should be terrifying. I am personally shocked at the continued assault onto the many forms of life on this planet and the arrogance of those in power that use this world in such ways that tear down all that is beautiful in the world. If you cannot at this moment at least call your congressmen and women to do something to help save this planet, then I am not sure if any of us deserve to have this beautiful world. I am horrified at the trajectory of hate that has grown to such an extent that it threatens now the very lives of everyone and everything that we hold near and dear. All I can do is continue to try to awaken those that believe that their destructive choices will satisfy their empty soul.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Relationship planets Venus and Mars align on Saturday morning, making the weekend a great time for sharing. This is the mixture of joy and suffering. An obvious position that is clearly reflecting the horror of the destruction of the Amazon. A moment when those that love and those that hate finally have a clear divide. This moment is not easy to handle. The roller-coaster of emotions should break your heart. If you cannot love this world enough to care for it then perhaps we do not deserve this world. All we can hope is that this is the point when actions manifest in a powerful way that takes back the control from those that destroy.

The Moon in Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius. Be more careful than normal around the laws and rules of the land. Conflicts can manifest in ways that could bring great disadvantage to situations. The separations that are happening in the world will break hearts but hopefully open minds.

The Moon in Gemini squares Neptune at dinner time. That emotional disturbance you are feeling is the cry of nature to the massive death of its children. If you feel lost, know that the suffering of life on this planet has taken a huge leap. If you cannot feel that in your bones then you have become completely disconnected to what really means something in this world.

The Mercury-Pluto quincunx suggests that in this moment you are having a difficult time digesting or accepting the horror of some situation. Conclusions seem hard to get too. You might feel that the message you are sending is one that falls on deaf ears. The harsh truth will seem to a level of despair that you did not believe you would reach in this lifetime.

~Suzanne Wagner~


It is the earth that takes care of us.
How can so many human children
not care for their mother?
I cannot understand any mind
that will not see past their own hate.
I cannot tolerate a heart that will not feel
the suffering it creates in the world.
It pains me to hear the justification
of the guilty to the karmic pain
that they have chosen to inflict
upon countless generations.
Such people are guilty of
unspeakable crimes against life.
I cannot imagine the wretched burden
such souls have created to carry forward
in karmic time and space.
The implications now are staggering.
The future completely in question.
A devastating line has been crossed.
~Suzanne Wagner~






The horror of this moment is almost beyond belief. The destruction of an entire ecosystem that is essential to the very air we breathe cannot be taken lightly.
Right now, everyone should be going out and buying all the trees you can find and planting them in the correct areas in a desperate attempt to save this world. The seriousness of the reality staring us in the face is one that should make you realize that if we had not crossed the line before, now we have for sure.
We have crossed some horrific line that impacts all life and all generations to come. That is if any generations will be able to come after this? That is seriously the question. Those that have been attempting to undermine the environmental safety nets so they can create their doomsday scenario have succeeded. And that reality is staring us in the face.
Praying will not save us.
Only intense action on a global scale for the next hundred years will make any real impact. Human arrogance has reached a level incomprehensible to me at this time. It is clear that if we are not willing to actively help this world then we do not deserve to live here.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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