August 24, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 8/25/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 8/25/16

8/25/16 is the number 6. Oh My Gosh! I can’t believe we are at the end of the month of August. We are prepping for a Mercury Retrograde in Virgo August 30-September 21. And right now we can feel the crimping beginning to happen. We are also beginning to feel the last square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces which will happen on Sept 6th. Mars is still conjuncting Saturn and these two big heavy planets makes things feel tight and constricted. And Neptune is also squaring it all. Mars is getting ready to speed ahead as it finally moves into its fast stride after coming out of retrograde and there is a tendency to want to rush ahead. We are also in the time of Virgo and it is ruled by that speedy planet Mercury also, so I know everyone wants to grab and go, get things finished and handled but unfortunately it is just not going to go the way you expect or as fast as you want. With the Neptune Square you should look both ways before crossing that highway. And what you think you want may not actually be what the universe wants to give you. You are actually still in the haze and illusion of Neptune and things are just not going the way you expect still. With Mercury stalling in the sky as much as you want to leap into those new ideas and plans, just know that they are not yet as clearly formulated, as you believe. I like to think of this week as a “redesign”. In houses and interior design there is a pattern called “redesign”. That is about you taking what you already have and moving things around so it is fresh and feels better. Whereas, interior design is often about throwing things out and starting over. We are not starting over from the beginning but we are taking what we presently have and shifting it around so we can make the energy fresh and new. It is important to take a look at where you are rushing and to choose to slow down and move instead from your highest place of consciousness and clarity. There is still a lot of murky, churned up water because of Neptune and so as much as you think you are clear, in actuality you are really not. In such a circumstance it is better to move slowly. With everything moving towards the big moment when Jupiter goes into Libra on September 9 and with Venus going into Libra on Aug 29th, we are feeling desperate to find some sort of balance internally and we want to find some emotional relief from all the intensity that has been going on. Unfortunately this often creates you wanting to do a short cut. Short cuts are the ego’s desperate attempt to release itself from what it is feeling as quickly as possible with no ability to see that the short cut is not only going to make things worse but allow you to miss the lesson that the universe is presenting. Be warned that turning to drugs, alcohol, sex, etc are not the right way right now but that Neptune is going to try to lure you into that old trap if you let it. Recognize that everything is in Virgo, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, The North Node, and Jupiter. This is to make you take a hard honest look at yourself and the reality in which you are places yourself. It is time to get “real” and see things as they are not as you want them to be. There is an unveiling of your real life attempting to happen. And no, that “real” life is not going to be that “fairy tale” that you keep dreaming about. It is hard to honestly evaluate yourself and your life, your capabilities and talents, your fears and drives and see the truth that is staring you right in the face. Besides the illusion is really quite distorted if you tell yourself the truth. Maybe you can make the reality into something amazingly real and something that others will be inspired to also move towards in their own life. What you are aiming for is going to take time. I know that no ones going to like that answer but if you look at it with an objective eye you will see that none of this is going to work as quickly as we want. Part of it today is that there is a ¾ Cross of the Moon in Gemini and Mutable T-Square, which is making Wednesday evening-Thursday the most intense. There are going to be 9 energies in Mutable places and the Moon are going to oppose the Mars-Saturn conjunction and squaring Neptune. It shows some intense internal and external events happening and who knows what this might look like but be prepared to handle things with as much flexibility as possible. Be very clear and careful about what you are saying out into the world. Be careful, as the potential that things can be misinterpreted is high and volatile. Remember, you are in the middle of a huge storm and in such times you have to be consciously clear and your mind calm and directed. Otherwise the energy will overwhelm your senses and make you fall into reaction and you will get caught in the drama of it all and be at the whim of the energies rather than having a small ability to guide your craft through the storm.
~Suzanne Wagner~


This person, this self was created by your highest self to explore and expand your genetic predispositions into something new and more expanded than the previous forms of this energy. Your goal is to take what you have and make it better and more beautiful, smart, understanding, or compassionate. Perhaps you wanted to do all of those and more. You can do that. You just have to remember when you hit the edge of those limitations, that it is your unique soul that is enlivening those genetic patterns into action. You are more than just the genetics. Your spirit gives new energy and flight to those things that your ancestors perhaps only dreamed of.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Reflect back on your ancestors and appreciate them for all they have done to make you into who you are. Their struggles gave you a deep inner strength that shows up when you need it the most. Their integrated understanding of things gives you ease and flow in learning more about that subject now as those ideas evolve and change through time. Your health and ability to know how to take care of your body is related to the study and effort of many before you. You are never alone. You have a huge tribe of ancestors supporting your movement forward. Trust and give those things you yearn to accomplish a try. Even if you don’t achieve it in this life, perhaps the knowledge and skills you learn now will give your children and grandchildren the tools needed to succeed later.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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