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Numerology/Astrology for 8/26/19

8/26/19 is the number 10. Within you is the power to make a difference. The question is if everyone will do it at the same time. How can we come together to fight against that which is intent to destroy all that is beautiful and good in the world? Somehow we must find a way. Somehow there has to be a bridge to cross this “River of the Dammed”. I refuse to believe that humanity does not have the capacity to evolve past this pattern of war and hate. I believe that the voices of the “good” must come together to aggressively oppose this tyranny of torture. Without that willingness and forceful action, humanity is on the path to destruction and it seems to want to take all of nature and life with it.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon in Cancer attempts to help us find that place inside that wants to protect all of life. Safety is something that everyone deserves to feel. And right now it seems more and more upset and conflict is fueling a world that continues to lose that feeling of safety. Freedom and safety go hand in hand. When you are free to choose, you often feel safer. But in this world of powerful oligarchs, the gifts of this world and human beings themselves seem to be just pawns in a game of power and greed. It seems that we have to decide that empathy and compassion need to be qualities that are essential in our leaders. We must learn to rewards those that protect and promote peace over war and chaos. Have our values and morals collapsed so far that we actively are choosing our own destruction? It seems that we have fallen off the edge of any rational place that allows for a self-sustaining government. It is clear there are good people in many places but without the power to do what is for the greater good, nothing will shift out of this horror.

The Venus-Uranus trine encourages us to become innovative in our approaches. Without direct shifts in how we accomplish things this holocaust on life in this world will continue.

Perhaps this is cracking open those closed minds that refuse to look at their own hate. Perhaps this is what it will take to make those people (whose choices are against goodness) realize the folly of their rational. We cannot wait any longer for the usual way of doing things to unfold. The crisis is now. We are running out of time.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The sorrow I feel
cannot be explained.
Words fail to touch
the cries of life dying.
Humanity is freefalling
into its denser tendencies.
Governments refuse to see
past their own agenda.
War toys are rapidly
being built.
But to what end?
Why fight a war over land
that you intentionally destroy?
What is the rational of that?
What will be left
when that fighting is over?
And who will be
left to even care?
~Suzanne Wagner~







Who will be left to write the epitaph of earth?
The tombstone will become the earth itself.
Explorers will come from galaxies far beyond
to try to discover the reason for such rampant
destruction and obvious abuse and overuse
of a world’s natural resources.
This rare potential in the galaxy destroyed by
the greed and power within the minds of men.
Those explorers will attempt to piece together
the steps that lead to such a horrific outcome.
Shocked by the inability of the people to stop
the behaviors that consumed their world.
And earth will become an example of what
not to do for future generations and explorers.
A historical lesson for lifeforms with a greater
capacity to show compassion and love.
We are the example of what to not do.
We are losing our own potential
and destroying life.
We are the reflection of what happens
when hate, greed, and power become
more important than life itself.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Here lies Earth
A once beautiful world destroyed
by the greed of powerful men
and the weakness of will of its people.

Here lies the remains of a once magical
and wonderful world filled with millions
of unique forms of life.
All destroyed because of humans.

These humans were the dominant life form
on this planet and they did not respect
the other lifeforms in this world.
They overused the resources of the land
and gave nothing back.
They destroyed the very ecosystems
that were essential for creating the air
they breathed and the water they drank.

And the people were too weak to stand up
to those that had the power to make the change.

Let this world be an example to the universe.
This is what happens when lethargy, weakness,
fear, hate, and complacency take over.
This is what will happen to any world
when the people are not taught
peace and love over hate and fear.

Let this be a warning for all future life forms.
Do not abuse the things that you need for life.
Do not think that life forms that seems less
then you, do not have value.
Do not cultivate spiritual arrogance.
Do not think that you are better than this.
Because that belief is what will allow
minds to slip into complacency
and essential ecosystems to be destroyed.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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