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Numerology/Astrology for 8/27/17
8/27/17 is the number 9. When you are complete on the inside you can be conscious of the suffering of others and from that place of inner appreciation and compassion it is natural to be compassionate to others. This is the number about “leading by example”. When you know who you are on a deep and profound level and have found your inner strength and are willing to stand up with that responsible and intuitive clarity, then you look not at the differences in others but in where we are all the same. It is from that place of compassionate grace that you learn to give to others. Because only from that place are you not trying to “get” something back from others. You are giving because it is who you are and the right thing to do in that moment. Be a leader in the area of compassion. Help show that the soul of humanity is not lost. Open your heart and give back instead of looking at what you do not have. Often, the thought that you are more privileged living in America than in almost any other country is enough to step you out of your own particular attachment to seeing a problem and help you shift into giving and coming from your generous spirit.

Sunday continues the private Scorpio moon from the weekend, and it includes soft planetary aspects to make for a quiet, pleasant day.

An aspect that has been close to forming much of the year comes exact today: Jupiter sextile Saturn, which is one of the better aspects for constructive accomplishment. Under this influence, there are opportunities to put plans into motion. Be balanced in your approach to new situations, seeing both the potential benefits and pitfalls, and this improves judgment. Strive to be exceptionally practical and realistic yet also optimistic. This is a day where you may team or pair up with somebody to get something important done. This can also be a favorable time for making amends and for laying down reasonable rules in your relationships. The key to harnessing this wonderful energy is to identify and find pleasure in the simple things that make you happy. This comes towards the end of Jupiter’s transit of Libra, helping to crystallize and lock down lessons learned and endeavors begun during the Jupiter in Libra transit. The Moon transits Scorpio all day, so let yourself be passionate, proud, and unafraid of a challenge.

~Suzanne Wagner~



There are some people that you will never see in the same way again.
There are certain principals that you will never take for granted again.
There are moments that remind you of how fragile this world really is.
There are principals that you have been gifted with that are now under threat.
There are moments when you must stand for what is right and good in the world.
There are moments when you must have courage in the face of destructive hate.
It is these moments that define your next steps and existence.
It is in these places that you discover who you really are.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Do you recognize the definitive time that you chose to live in? Do you recognize the importance of your thoughts and actions right now? Do you realize that inaction is a choice that can cause your soul to become frozen in fear that may take you lifetimes to unwind?

In life, there are moments when it is not about winning or losing. It is not about being acknowledged or about if others agree or even “like” you. It is not about living or dying. It is about what is right for the evolution of your soul.

Millions of souls have stood up and taken action to do things in moments when their choice created a very real and present danger to themselves and those they loved.

Millions of those souls have died for that choice.

But those names that we attempt to remember are called “heroes” and we honor them for doing what others could not, would not, or were afraid to do. It is those souls that in their choice of stepping out of the place of self-protection elevated their consciousness to a higher plane of existence. They defined their being based on what was right and what was the compassionate thing to do. In their choice, they often saved many whose progeny live on because of their sacrifice.

If you feel into your soul, you can tell if you have faced such a moment in your distant past. Your actions now, show what you have been willing and not willing to do.

If you are careful, cautious, and afraid to show your real beliefs and positions and you are afraid to speak up, then you have probably never stood up for anything before in another past life that really made you face a life or death issue.

If you are terrified of standing up for goodness and what is true, you have probably been tortured and killed for having a position or perspective and that trauma has caused a type of closure and catastrophic blockage that is beyond reason.

If you cannot hold back and speak when there are terrible things happening in the world then you have been a warrior for the good on this planet.

There are many hearts right now that know they are in danger but they have to speak regardless.

This position is very different than a person defending hatred and prejudice. Defending thoughts and ideas that cause harm to others is a particular type of darkness that is in a soul. That energy is their disowned shadow. They cannot see the evil that lurks inside because they are in denial that anything they believe could be anything other than the truth. They align with those who validate those positions. These are weak people who need others of similar hateful conscience to be able to stand.

Strong souls are willing to have a reasonable discussion.

Conscious souls recognize when those that are not standing on solid ground use manipulative techniques to distract and confuse rather than have any real discussion of value and substance. That is because deep down inside those that want to exist in the shadows know that they are in the wrong and that they cannot defend such horror and violent words and actions. So, they must use trickery and subterfuge to make any headway.

But hate is still hate.

Hate is always destructive and hate never has any positive outcome for the greater good. Hate only allows powerful people to remain in power and control humanity through fear.

We have never been a country that operated from a place where fear stopped us from doing what is right.

Our country has made a lot of mistakes.

We will continue to make mistakes.

We have made some terrible recent mistakes. But we as a people have never been afraid to directly confront those mistakes and attempt to learn from them. We are in a place in this country where we need to look at some terrible choices that we have glossed over and tried to sweep under the rug.

We did that because we had survived such a terrible war and trauma that it divided our country. Clearly there were those that after such terrible losses they thought that if we just let certain things slide that culturally we would grow out of them.

Well, we did not.

We left many thorns inside the organism of America and those thorns have festered into a raging infection that is killing what has been our great gift to the world.

We can no longer sweep anything under the rug. The only answer is education and a major restructuring of what is news. There are many out there that have been brainwashed with lies that now are fueling them to do and say terrible things that have long standing consequences for themselves and our country. Only education that is not based on one particular religious slant can support a true healing and shift.

This shift will take time and will require a great deal of patience because such things take more than one generation to fix.

But look at what shoving things under the carpet for 150 years has done for us. We are a country that was never afraid to confront the bad stuff. We are a country that shows the Democracies are often messy and chaotic.

But we are all immigrants that came here and battled many wars, fires, and prejudices to make it here. We are a group that has always stood for freedom. If nothing else, stand for that.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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